St Margarets Cafe - Karaka {Auckland lifestyle wedding photographer} Maya and Andy

This beautiful wedding in St Margarets Cafe {Karaka, Auckland} been my last wedding of this busy weddings season :) Need to say its been a great happy ending, Maya & Andy celebrated their special day with their friends and family with so warm and fun atmosphere! I enjoyed every single moment of this amazing wedding with such an open and kind people around. It was great to capture all lifestyle moments, candids, raw emotions - believe me there was a lot of crying and laughing!

Speeches at reception been full of fun details and stories (especially Dads from both sides done amazing job describing bride and groom's childhood, some funny and dangerous moments, I became worried about my 4 years old son as Andy's childhood stories remind me of his activities :) Every moment on this wedding was emotional and beautiful!

Couple met each other when they were 18. Maya said: "Andy saw a photo of me on my friends wall and tried his luck (it worked)". They LOVE to travel {lived in England for a year and travel around the Europe}, snowboarding, and ... food! :) {I definitely feel a strong connection with this amazing couple! :)} "Proposal was made at home on Christmas Day... Beautiful and simple".

Thats how feels all this wedding: beautifully simple! From getting ready moments in Maya and Andy's parents houses in Pukekohe {with 3 bridesmaid, 3 groomsmen and close family and friends} to ceremony near beautiful pond and reception in St Margarets Cafe in Karaka, Auckland {with 100 guests under the marquee}.

It was interesting to find out that Maya and her mum, sister and sister in law did a lot of DIY items:  "We DIY our own bouquets!!! They were amazing!! I was lucky enough to have insanely creative souls in my life like my mother, sister, and sister in law. We DIY our wedding favours which were fig and feijoa chutney made from all our own produce. We DIY the bridesmaids dresses.. well my mum did!! Shes amazing… she copied a miss Crabb design! They were incredible!"

 No need more words, look at these video and amazing gallery!

Great creative team:
Dress - Secret Lace Bridal
Makeup by Lucy Hare and Natalie Rose {Blooming Beauty}
Hair by Olivia Adams on Salon St Bruno
Celebrant - Darryl Parker
MC- Ben Green (brother in Law)
DJ- Russell Wills
and your photographer - Olga from Levien & Lens Photography ;)

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