Auckland Art Gallery: Mojo cafe {Wedding-elopement photographer in New Zealand} Night weddings

This wedding in Auckland Art Gallery - Mojo Cafe was exceptional. Anita & Jay decided to get married at night time when evening come up. My wedding coverage as their photographer started at 6 pm! That is a unique wedding with such a special vibe. 

We started from getting ready at Hotel DeBrett in Auckland City. Such amazing two-level room with a just gorgeous staircase. I love to photograph there whenever I'm shooting in this stunning venue.

Couple get married under the arch and had a quiet celebration with their close friends and family {around 20 people in total!!!} with canapé and Indian sweets {I tried it and can confirm, so delicious}. The atmosphere in this place was so fabulous!

The love story and proposal: "We first met on my first day of work where I was starting a new at the Auckland City Hospital as it's new liver transplant team pharmacist. We worked in very different departments so the only time we managed to interact each other was via mutual friends or after work we'd stop and have a chat with each other before going home. It was before Christmas in 2016 that we were invited by mutual friends out for a kayak trip (Helen and Ricky, who are present today) out at Puhoi. I had thought about asking her out before this but wasn't quite sure of the circumstances, so this kayak trip was an excellent opportunity to get to know each other better and see if anything could eventuate... And here we are... So we started dating on the 17th of December 2016, where we had brunch and went back to Puhoi.

It was very clear from the first few dates that she was the one I'd like to spend the rest of my life with, and so I had forward planned multiple trips of time, with hoping that we were on the same boat. By this time I had already thought of three occasions to propose that was already in our calendar, Waiheke for her birthday, June where we would be visiting the Franz Josef Glaciers and August where we would be going to Wellington. I had hinted it would be June with the glaciers as we would be taking a helicopter up and so it would be an exceptional occasion but little did she know I was thinking of the soonest date possible straight after her birthday on Waiheke. We arrived in Waiheke when the weather was less than ideal; I had booked us to stay at the Oyster Inn, one of Anita's favourite places on the island. We started the day by having a small picnic by the beach, I would have done it then, but the wind was just too much, and I would have had to shout my lungs out and she probably still won't hear and I might not even be able to her answer... so that was a no. We went back to the inn and had a bit of tea, I also had brought bottle of our favourite champagne (Perrier Joet, even at our wedding) to have possibly after I have proposed, but Anita suggested we have this with dinner, so I thought okay well I guess I'd have to do it before dinner. Now coming back to after our picnic, we had a bit of tea at the inn and then retired to our room, I just felt it was the right time, we were alone, private and intimate and I decided to get on my knees and asked her to marry me there and then in the room and of course she said yes. Now we get to enjoy the other two activities I had set up earlier." Such a romantic story!

Enjoy highlights in video slideshow and photo gallery:

Great Creative Team:

Getting Ready - Hotel DeBrett
BALENCIAGA bridal top, skirt by Céline Rita
Wedding stylist: @Holly Buckley
Celebrant: Keeley Jenkins, Celebrant
Mojo Supervisor: @Donna Hutchins  
and Olga at Levien & Lens Photography - Auckland based wedding photographer

Ming and Billie: Hedingham {Coatesville} - West Auckland wedding photographer - Forest Weddings

Amazing time with beautiful people - Ming & Billie who come all way over from Hong Kong to Hedingham {Coatesville, West Auckland, New Zealand} to get officially married, surrounded by few friends. As a wedding photographer, I love to capture such intimate weddings, usually warm and cosy events.

We started from a wedding ceremony in Hedingham, such a gorgeous old style building with fantastic land that has plenty of photo opportunities. Then move to Redwood Forest and come back to finish the day at the fabulous reception!

The couple shared their love story: "We have been together for almost four years. We first met at a boat party in 2011, but we didn't keep contact afterwards. We met again at a Xmas party in 2013 then we got very close and decided to be together." The proposal: "There was not a proper proposal, but the idea of getting married came naturally to us. ...Through the process of preparing the wedding ceremony and stuff, we have come to realise this is what we want to do because we share the commitment of loving each other for a lifetime." Such a romantic story!

Enjoy this video and highlights in the photo gallery!

Great Creative Team:

Celebrant: Angelika de Vere, owner of the venue.

and Olga, Levien & Lens Photography - Auckland based wedding photographers.


Mahinepua Beachfront House - Tim and Leanne {Northland - Auckland wedding photographer}

Leanne & Tim

It's such a pleasure to travel from Auckland Up North, come back exactly one year later {after shooting two weddings in Russell and Kerikeri} and as photographers to be a part of a special celebration - Leanne & Tim wedding in Mahinepua Beachfront House {Northland, New Zealand}. It was rainy but such a happy day with warm and cosy atmosphere, love and positive emotions, all on outskirts of Northland. It was a pleasure to work with Susi Liddington again, she as a wedding planner and stylist created such gorgeous tropical atmosphere in the marquee and around the space. Everyone has been amazed by this creative and talented approach!

The couple shared their love story:" We met at the university during a class we were both taking while Tim was studying towards his Master of Nursing and Leanne was doing her Postgraduate Diploma in Health Sciences. We travelled together to Nepal on a global health university project. After four weeks working together in a rural Nepal community, we then went on a flight around Mt Everest together. Tim took Leanne to the cockpit of the plane and just as we were in front of Mt Everest he proposed." Hard to imagine anything more epic for a proposal! Just funny that instead of giving full attention to Tim Leanne been fascinated looking at the Mount just the moment before.

Its so exciting to hear some unique facts about couple relationship: "We are both nurses who had had a long-standing desire (before we met each other) to work and live in rural communities and locations and have since been fortunate enough work together in places like rural Nepal, remote Kenya and remote outback Australia. Next, we are making a move to rural Northland NZ."

Its all come together with their families and friends celebrated together their special day in Mahinepua Beachfront House far north.

Enjoy this video highlights and gallery!

Great Creative Team:

Wedding planner: Susi Liddington Creative
Dress: Bridal Brilliance
Flowers: @Paradise Florist, Rachel Kennedy
Shoes: Novo
Hair & Makeup: Liv King Makeup Ashlee Hunter Hair & Makeup
Celebrant: Russell Watts, Whangarei Baptist Church
MC: Eric Groves
Band: @TCB (Taking Care of Business)
and New Zealand wedding photographers - Levien & Lens Photography


Auckland weddings Real Wedding publication - Tayvia and Kyle {New Zealand documentary photographer} The Hunting Lodge

So honoured to share with you recent Real Wedding publication in Auckland weddings "Tayvia & Kyle". This wedding was just amazing with a rainy, rustic and elegant atmosphere in The Hunting Lodge {Kumeu}, Woodhill Forest and Muriwai Beach. Rain can't stop the beautiful and emotional celebration with close friends and families.

So beautiful romantic and moody atmosphere! 

Enjoy Auckland Weddings publication representing Real Weddings from all over New Zealand from top wedding photographers in the country. I am so thrilled to be in this row of such talented photographers! Have a look at our Blog for more photos and video slideshow from couple's special day!

The Hunting Lodge - Muriwai Beach - Kumeu wedding - HU's Art Farm {Weddings photographers in West Auckland, New Zealand} Tayvia and Kyle

As a wedding photographer, I'm so lucky to meet awesome couples and capture so special for them moments on weddings in beautiful venues around New Zealand and beyond. This time I'm presenting you a highlights form amazing Tayvia & Kyle's wedding in The Hunting Lodge and HU's Art Farm, so beautiful venue in West Auckland, Kumeu. 

Even raining weather can't stand in the way of emotional celebration. We walk in the rain on couples special session at Muriwai Beach and Woodhill Forest. Such a great memories!

The couple shared their love story: "We met on a snowboarding trip with our families in 2013". How was proposed: "we went down to a wharf near where I live, and he popped the question in the pitch black haha".

Enjoy these video slideshow and highlights in the gallery:

The Hunting Lodge west Auckland wedding {Kumeu weddings photographer}
Kumeu wedding photographers - bridal portraiture - West Auckland
Muriwai beach bride and groom photo shoot {West Auckland wedding photographer}
bride and groom entering reception in The Hunting Lodge {Auckland - Kumeu wedding photographer}

Venues: HU's Art Farm, The Hunting Lodge Winery

Wedding Dress: custom made by a family friend, Marata.

Makeup: done by bridesmaid Hannah.

Celebrant: Robin Stolph

Hair: Hair by Hannah

and your photographers - Olga & Matt at Levien & Lens photography {L & L} - West Auckland, Kumeu, Matakana wedding photographers


Auckland City - Hotel DeBrett Wedding-Elopement {New Zealand weddings photographer} Bree and Victoria

Bree & Victoria

Excited to share with you beautiful and emotional wedding-elopement in Auckland City {Hotel DeBrett and Domain}. Victoria & Bree made all way over from Australia to New Zealand to get officially married in our country as same-sex weddings there not fully allowed yet. Luckily they had fantastic opportunity to make their dreams come true - elope in Auckland.

Our wedding story started in such gorgeous location as Hotel DeBrett with so many photo opportunities and emotional moments, then walk through the City to the registry office and get some beautiful photographs in Auckland Domain. This wedding was just gorgeous with so unique, romantic and real atmosphere. I loved every candid and natural moment of this celebration of love. LOVE IS LOVE!

Victoria shared couple's story, they met at work and been together for four years. Proposal details:"Away for the weekend in the Hunter Valley. Bree took me out for lunch at Bistro Molini. She arranged for my ring to come out on a plate with dessert, the proposal was written around the ring in chocolate sauce surrounded by strawberries and other fruit." Such a romantic story!

Creative Team: Make-Up - Olga Gill , Flowers - Floral Stylist {Sue Cameron}

Enjoy these video slideshow and highlights of couple's wedding gallery:

couple at register office {Auckland wedding photographer}
bride in Winter gardens {Auckland wedding photographers}
Hotel DeBrett wedding - getting ready photos {Auckland wedding photographer}
bride in Winter Gardens {Auckland wedding photographer} - candid natural moment

Happy Anniversary {Bay of Islands - Northland wedding photographer}

I just last weekend been in Northland {such a pleasure to be a wedding photographer on Leanne & Tim wedding} and remembered my two beautiful couples who get married exactly one year ago: Hana & Aidan in Russell {Bay os Islands} and Elisah & Heremaia in Kerikeri {Liddington Gardens}.

Its hard to believe, time flies so fast! Their weddings were just amazing, with their own unique and unique atmosphere. They both were unforgettable.

Enjoy these weddings highlights - from old classic style Duke of Malborough Hotel and rocky beach in Russell to elegant and romantic rustic chic garden wedding in Kerikeri!

Happy future together!

Hana & Aidan

Tawharanui Lodge Wedding {Matakana-Auckland weddings photographers} Fiona & Silas

Excited to share with you highlights of a beautiful and emotional wedding - Fiona & Silas in Tawharanui Lodge {near Matakana, Auckland, New Zealand}. It was a great honor for us, Auckland wedding photographers to capture couple's special moments with their friends and families. Especially a pleasure as we already met couple beforehand and got some stunning engagement photos on their pre-wedding photo shoot on Muriwai Beach {West Coast}. Such a great memories!

The couple shared their romantic story: "We were from the same school growing up in Malaysia, so we've known each other since we were 11. Never really talked to each other more until we met each other in Otago, Dunedin where we studied. We went to the same church, served on the team together, through Easter camp we got to know each other a lot better and realized we had endless things to talk about! We've been together for almost five years!" Silas shared a proposal story: "Planned to go to Gold Coast for a fun weekend with friends who were in on the plan. Last night before we left, we were taking photos as a group by the jetty, I had someone take a video while pretending just to take photos. Got on one knee and popped the question!"

It was a great pleasure to feel this unique atmosphere and so beautiful and emotional moments, especially on the wedding ceremony and through the day with the outing to the beach and fun reception.

Enjoy these video slideshow and gallery highlights!

Contact me with any questions!

Tawharanui Lodge {Auckland wedding photographers}
Tawharanui Lodge - bride and groom session {Auckland wedding photographer}

Great Creative Team:

Wedding planner/coordinator: Tessa Lim
Dress: CocoMelody
Suit: ASOS
Flowers: Priscilla's Floral Boutique 
Makeup + Hair: Made-Up by Ruth
Celebrant: Jonathan Lum
MC: Jeremy Ong
Musicians: Stanley Bong, Jiahuei Kok, Samuel Bong

and Olga & Matt at Levien & Lens Photography - Auckland wedding photographers


Women Getting Married - Rainy and Rustic New Zealand Vineyard Wedding - Markovina {Auckland weddings photographers} Publication

Excited to share with you a publication from international wedding Blog - Women Getting Married "A Rainy and Rustic New Zealand Vineyard Wedding" with Ellise & Wasim in Markovina Vineyard Estate {Auckland, NZ}. Its such a big honour for us, Auckland weddings photographers to get featured in such prestigious publisher and a great pleasure to see photos from this amazing event go live around the world. 

Ellise & Wasim wedding was just so beautiful and emotional, and even rain can't be a constrain on their special celebration day.

Have a look at publication and more photographs in our Blog {need to mentioned the wedding took place around one year ago, so Happy Anniversary to this beautiful couple!}

Women Getting Married - Rainy and Rustic New Zealand Vineyard Wedding - Markovina {Auckland weddings photographers} publication

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Waitakere Estate - West Auckland wedding {New Zealand weddings photographers} Susannah and Jayden

Susannah & Jayden

Our wedding season start rolling with Susannah & Jayden's wedding in Waitakere Estate {West Auckland, New Zealand}, where couple spend time with close friends and families in such picturesque surroundings. 

Jayden shared couple's love story:

"Susannah and I worked at the same company but never saw each other. One day we we're separately called into a group meeting, once Susannah started talking I was mesmerised. A few months later I moved onto the same floor and kept saying hello, eventually she said hello back and the rest is history." I love how was made a proposal: "I proposed as per Indian tradition; I asked her father for permission, then took Susannah to India to share the celebration with her family."

It was amazing wedding with beautiful and romantic atmosphere, full of positive moments, laugh and relaxed atmosphere.

Such a  great start of the season!

Great Creative Team:

Venue coordinator - Renee
Dress - The Bridal Outlet
Suit - Cambridge Clothing Company
Flowers/Decorations - Themes by Design
Hair/Makeup - Ruth Baron
Celebrant - Margaret Sauvarin
MC - Tiffany Campbell
DJ - DJ Cade (@Discotech) 
and Matt from Levien & Lens Photography - New Zealand weddings photographers

Contact us with any questions!

cake cutting - bride and groom at reception {Auckland wedding photographer}
bridal portraiture {Auckland wedding photographer}

Kara + David - featured wedding publication by Auckland Weddings {New Zealand photographer}

Excited to share with you this featured publication by Auckland Weddings with Kara + David, one of my favourite weddings from the last wedding season.

The wedding took place on Waihi Beach, such a gorgeous place with plenty of photo opportunities.  There was such warm and unique atmosphere.  We enjoyed every single moment of this day!

Enjoy this publication by Auckland Weddings and have a look at more images in our Blog {including video highlights}.

Contact me with any questions!

Kara & David

Kara & David

Wild Hearts Real Wedding publication {New Zealand weddings photographers in Auckland}

I am so honored to have been interviewed by Wild Hearts {gorgeous source for wedding planning, inspiration and much more} - Blog and Fairs.  Thank you for the incredible opportunity to open my heart and soul, and share the moments of our fine art and documentary work around Auckland, New Zealand and beyond.  Thank you so much for this beautiful publication and feature of the wedding of Kara & David, who made it all the way over from Canada to Waihi Beach {Waikato, NZ}, to celebrate their special day with close friends and families.  We were thrilled to be invited as their wedding photographers to document their special day.

The wedding was so gorgeous!  Full of romantic, real and timeless moments, and unforgettable!  One of our photos won SILVER in recent NZIPP Iris Awards 2017 {Wellington, New Zealand}.  Such a significant achievement!

Thank you, Sophie Isabella, for all of your questions and warm communication in Wild Hearts!  It was such a pleasure to talk to you!

Enjoy this publication in Wild Hearts Wedding Fairs Blog and have a look at more details of Kara & David beach wedding in our Blog!

Waihi Beach

Waihi Beach

Contact me with any questions!


Kara & David

Kara & David

New Zealand Bohemian Wedding publication in Desiree Hartsock {Bridal Style and DIY} Auckland weddings photographer

SO excited to share with you wonderful news: Madeline & Barry's New Zealand Bohemian wedding has just been published in Desiree Hartsock Bridal Style & DIY, fabulous international publisher. It's a great honour for me, as an Auckland wedding photographer, to get featured in this wedding publication. We are thrilled to be published in so many beautiful Blogs and magazines lately, great news keeps on coming!

The couple's wedding in Sawmill Cafe {Leigh, NZ}, was one of the most amazing weddings with such a warm, cozy and gorgeous atmosphere. Bride style was up to the notch!  Flowers in the hair, stunning dress, and such a beautiful family!  Please take a look at their wedding gallery in our Blog where you can find more photos and a video slideshow.

Enjoy this special publication in Desiree Hartsock Bridal Style & DIY "Brighten up your Wednesday with this New Zealand Bohemian Wedding" - Bride Featured Weddings!

Madeline & Barry {Leigh, New Zealand} photo by Matt

Madeline & Barry {Leigh, New Zealand} photo by Matt

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Markovina Vineyard Estate {Auckland-Kumeu wedding photographers} Michelle and Shane - winter weddings

Michelle & Shane

Excited to share with you highlights of Michelle & Shane's wedding in Markovina Vineyard Estate {Kumeu, Auckland, NZ}, where me and Matt had a honour to enjoy this fun and romantic atmosphere and been an official wedding photographers on the day. Thank you so much to lovely couple for sharing so special moments, we been happy to document everything happening around unfold: emotions, candid moments and relax vibe with cosy atmosphere.

Couple met 4 years ago through mutual friends {Zowie and Michael both in wedding party}. They shared romantic story: "We met through the Brides best friend Zowie. Her husband Mike worked with Shane and for about 6 months both Zowie and Mike were trying to set up a blind date between Michelle and Shane. Finally the date happened, and there was an instant connection made. Proposal 2.5 years later, with a gorgeous view, on the deck of the house we purchased earlier that year, Shane proposed on Michelle's birthday"

This winter wedding morning started for us at Lichfields and Vineyard Cottages with bride and groom getting ready, first look with lots of emotional moments and then amazing ceremony and reception in Markovina Vineyard Estate {warm and cosy wedding venue}.

Enjoy these video slideshow highlights and gallery with our favourite images!

Great creative team:
Dress: Parkland Bridal Sarah Vincent
Bridesmaids dresses: Pagani
Flowers: Kauri creek gardens
Jewelry: Michael Hill
Make up/Hair: Lexia Dyer makeup and hair
Celebrant: Lee Weir - Marriage Celebrant
DJ: Karl Rooney
Wedding singers: McCaskill & Brown
and Levien & Lens Photography - New Zealand & International wedding photographers {thanks to Matt for great support, creative ideas and amazing assistance on the day}

Contact us with any questions!


Happy wedding anniversary Sherrie and Simon - Highwic {Auckland wedding photographers}

Just want to say Happy wedding anniversary to Sherrie & Simon who made their way from Australia last year to celebrate this special day with their friends and families in Highwic - historical house {Auckland, New Zealand}. Their winter wedding had such a special feel and vibe, it was a pleasure to be their wedding photographers and capture so special for couple moments!

Happy future together!

Enjoy a few highlights from their wedding day!

Contact me with any questions!

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings UK published Lilac Rosenvale Garden Wedding {New Zealand wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you amazing news: Shantelle & Kelly's lilac garden wedding {Rosenvale, Waikato, New Zealand} just been published in Whimsical Wonderland Weddings - beautiful UK & International wedding blog.

Its a great honour for me, their wedding photographer see pictures goes live in such a prestigious publication.

Enjoy these beautiful highlights, have a look at extended couple's gallery in our Blog and let me know if you have any questions!

Contact me with any questions!



Photographers | Levien & Lens Photography with Olga Levien

Dresses | Thalia Boutique

Suits | Dorset Suites

Flowers |  Petite Posy Florist

Hair | Mint Hair Design

Make-up | Lillybeth: A Beautiful Education

Celebrant | Sue Collins

MC |  @Warren Willmot (brother in law)

Caterers | Classique Caterers

Venue | Rosenvale

Naked cake | BJ’s Cake

Décor | Cake Flowers: Florabunda & Cake

Castaways Resort {Auckland wedding photographers} Jenny and Andrew

Jenny & Andrew

I'm so excited to share with you highlights of my last wedding of this summer season in New Zealand - Jenny & Andrew get married in Castaways resort {Auckland, NZ} surrounded by their close friends and families. It was amazing outdoor wedding {as its get close to winter season we had such a cold wind on the top of the hills and freezing weather, but its not stand of the way of this beautiful couple celebrating their special day with their guests}. Couple contacted me looking for their wedding photogpraher just few months ago, I just love these sort of short notice weddings! I been happy to provide them a custom wedding photography coverage. 

It was great to meet all their friends and families {some come from all around the world, including China}.

Couple's romantic story: "On May 4th 2017 we will have been together for 3 years.. We met at a party through a mutual friend who has a habit of setting people up without them knowing! Andrew took me out for an ice cream at the Auckland Domain where, as Andrew's good fortune would have it, we happened upon a jazz band that was playing. We then went out on a hike in the Waitakere and watched the sunset."

How was made a proposal: "Andrew took me on a surprise long weekend holiday to Paihia and Russell - it was a warm November Guy Fawkes evening and he proposed under the stars on the balcony where we could see the fireworks across the harbour in Russell. He admitted later he was supposed to propose when we hiked up the Pinnacles in the Coromandel a few weeks earlier - but his plans got rained on - literally!" Such a romantic story!

Great was to have an amazing day in Castaways! Enjoy this video highlights and gallery with my favourite photographs!

bride standing on balcony {Castaways - Auckland wedding photographers}
bride getting ready {Castaways - Auckland wedding photographers}

Great creative team:

Cake - Isabelle Edmonds
Band - Twistin’ The Swing 
Make-up - blush baby (Nicola May)
Rings - Andrew's is made from Dinosaur bone, meteorite and titanium
Bouquets and boutineers - made by JJ Luo
Dress - tailored by Christine Taylor
Celebrant - Cameron Stuart
Suits - Hallenstein Brothers
Castaways Resort staff were amazing - especially Kim and Kyle {notes from the bride :)}
and Levien & Lens Photography - New Zealand and destination wedding photographer

Let me know if you have any questions!


Happy wedding anniversary {Maya and Andy} - St Margarets Cafe {Karaka - Auckland weddings photographer}

Congratulations to Maya & Andy celebrating their one year anniversary! So excited for you guys :)

Your wedding in St Margarets Cafe {Karaka, Auckland} was just amazing: full of positive emotions, love, warm and cosy atmosphere. Such a perfect way for us, Auckland wedding photographers to finish off one of the best wedding seasons. We met so many great, warmly welcoming people - your close friends and families. It was such a pleasure to capture all beautiful and emotional moments.

Enjoy some highlights from Maya & Andy's special wedding day in St Margarets Cafe {Karaka}.

Contact me with any questions!


Bracu - First Presbyterian Church {Auckland wedding photographers} Ilinke and Shaun

Ilinke & Shaun

I been really excited about Ilinke & Shaun's wedding after their special engagement shoot where we spent amazing time on one of the Auckland beaches {Ilinke's mum made a special flower crown for her}. As a wedding photogpraher I love to spend time with couples beforehand to better know each other, feel on ease on the wedding day and get some great shots of course :)! Couple's wedding took place on amazing day in First Presbyterian church with traditional ceremony and following reception in Bracu {Bombay, Auckland, NZ}. There was such amazing atmosphere with great families and friends! 

Ilinke shares couple story: "Shaun and I met through friends. One day he invited me for a walk on the beach and a coffee. To this day this has been our favorite thing to do; it's a peaceful activity that allows us to connect and spend quality time together. ~In high tides or low tides i'll be by your side~" Their proposal was just amazing: "Shaun and I travelled with our family and friends to Wellington. I was getting admitted as a lawyer in the High Court of New Zealand. After my admittance we took a walk down the waterfront as the sun was setting; Shaun proposed at the love-lock bridge. There were bag pipes in the background by coincidence. He had a lock engraved and we threw the key in the sea and locked in our love. We got back to celebrate with friends and family. " Such a great and romantic story!

I love how couple incorporated their special tradition in their wedding day: "Shaun loves playing golf and i love watching golf. Instead of table numbers we have table names of the golf courses I have lived on growing up, Shaun's favorite courses he has played and the courses we wish to travel to together." Such original idea and I can totally relate to this as my husband Matt {second photogpraher} just loves playing golf. :)

Amazing day for amazing and truly loving people!

Happy future together!

Enjoy their beautiful wedding highlights and gallery!

reflection bride in the puddle {Auckland wedding photographers NZ}
bride and groom laughing in Bracu {Auckland wedding photographers}
couple sitting on the bench in Bracu {Auckland wedding photographer}
bride and groom in gazebo {Bracu - Auckland wedding photographer}