15 random facts about me {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

I feel its really important to connect with you, know more of your story, thats why firstly I opening for you my story and my personality. I even decided to create a special page on my website with

15 random facts about me,

New Zealand and destination lifestyle wedding photographer

  • Im a peoples person and love to hug everyone (just making you aware!);
  • I was born in wild and cold Siberia and then spent my life in gorgeous historical city Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
  • If you travel in past You can find me in childhood sitting near the window and reading a lot of books especially classic novels, romances and fairy tales; but I also loved to play soccer with neighbours kids;
  • I love FOOD from different cultures, love to try something new (my favourites are any type of cheese and Italian food, pizza's smell just magical!);
  • I met my husband overseas in Europe where we spent amazing holidays (Brussels, Paris, Disneyland, Roma, Florence, Venice (with Murano, Burano, Torchino), Florence, Milano, Lake Como - oh, sweet memories!);
  • I studied a lot in my life, easy enough and even earned PhD (in pedagogical science);
  • I love sport, especially figure / ice skating {I started trainings when I was 25 and won a few international competitions medals after a few years of intensive trainings); 
  • I have two little ones (a boy and a girl) who make my life busy, very active and interesting {never knows what each day will bring to you, ha-ha};
  • I love everything with music and dance - musicals,movies, reality shows (The Voice, X-Factor etc.), I studied all types of dance - from ballet to hip-hop and found my favourite - jazz!
  • I find inspiration everywhere - art, movies, music, TV, people around, sounds and smells and love to go with the flow;
  • My husband is a real kiwi - relaxed and easy going man (I try to learn these skills from him, ha-ha) and we love to watch different series at our down time, if we have any :);
  • I love to observe and understand people, love to bring my psychology knowledge in practice; Im a peaceful person and even in risky conflict situations try to understand other persons position;
  • I love everything new and being creative; atmosphere works great to me: the wind blowing hair and clothes, rain drops around, fog etc.; also great to be at the nature and see and use in photography these stunning landscapes {lucky we are in New Zealand};
  • I love to travel {my first speciality is geography}  and I did a lot of travelling especially around Europe;
  • and last but not least I love to talk with new and unknown people and find out their stories, facts of their life and personality, and if I start to talk its hard to stop, ha-ha!

so get in touch with me and tell your story!

Fog at lake {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}