Associate Photographers Program {New Zealand wedding photography}

I've been waiting for this moment to happen for such a long time, while I have been turning away many couples during few years because I have been booked for their date or because I just do not fit in their budget. Finally I found a solution to this problem - an Associate Program! I carefully selected and trained a few people who perfectly fit my style and shares with me, my vision and love for fine art | lifestyle wedding photography with a natural approach, when everyone feels relaxed in front of the camera and can fully enjoy their wedding day, get emotional and artistic, stunning photographs which truly reflect the story of your wedding day. They second shoot along side with me at many weddings, captured plenty of weddings on their own and perfectly fit with my brand! Two of them have their own successful photography businesses {they just want to spend more time on shooting and creating beautiful photographs and less on editing | post-processing and business managing ;)}. I appreciate their time and talent!

I can fully trust my team to follow my brand and shooting style {one of them is my husband ;)}. Stay tuned to find out more details!

Yes, its scary to give someone to shoot my wedding, but I can fully rely on these people and also feel secure as each wedding will have two professional photographers on the day and I will carefully select and hand-edit each image in your final gallery which represents my style and vision, and will perfectly reflect your wedding story.

associate photographers program {New Zealand wedding photography}

Please let me know if you have any questions! Let's have a chat :)