Bethells Beach engagement-couples photo shoot {Auckland wedding photographer} Katrina and Marc

I met Katrina & Marc on Bethells beach {Auckland, New Zealand} at one of the Saturday's afternoons, they such a sweet couple, it was a real pleasure to walk together on the beach, talk about their engagement and wedding 's plans and get some stunning photos in between, emotional and romantic candid moments at pre-wedding session.

Couple shared their story:

"We met at university. The first thing Marc said to me was that he really wanted someone to cut into the rat bowel (because it was said that it was supposed to stink out the lab) – which made me laugh and I haven’t stopped laughing since. We’ve now been together 5 ½ years. We’ve travelled to a few places Samoa, Rarotonga, Bali and most recently Hawaii, as well as around New Zealand."

Proposal: " My friends and myself included were convinced that I was going to know when Marc was about to propose since we’d been together so long, we all expected that I was pick up on any subtle hints or clues. BUT one Tuesday (October 18th 2016) it happened! The day before Marc gave me a cute letter describing that he loved me and wanted a future together, but he did romantic things like that occasionally so I didn’t expect a thing. Then on the Tuesday when he got home after having our usual chat on the couch he said he had another letter… He gave this to me and there were no words apart from “this way up” and then cut out holes. I asked if this went with letter no.1 and he said yes and I fetched that (still none the wiser – expecting that he had planned a trip or something). I brought the letters back and then laid the cut out one on top of no1 and it said “Will you marry me”. Then when I moved the letter away from my face Marc was there down on one knee! Marc truly did surprise me because I couldn’t speak for minutes!". Such a great and romantic story!

It was amazing time on the beach just before the sunset, enjoy this video highlights from our engagement-couples photo shoot on Bethells Beach and highlights of couple's final gallery: