Newborn photo shoot in Auckland {New Zealand family-baby-wedding photographer}

I'm so excited to share with you my recent newborn photo shoot in Auckland. I always thrilled to be invited to capture such a special for every family moments as welcoming this baby in the world. Im mostly known as a wedding photographer in New Zealand, but I as a mum of three little ones I always enjoying to document family moments.

Need to mentioned this gorgeous family are my constant clients, and we already became a good friends. I captured moments with their first born baby boy, then one year birthday party and now their second gorgeous baby. Such a honour to be a family historian! Its was a pleasure to see grandparents again {coming over from Russia to support this young family}.

Enjoy these beautiful moments in video slideshow and photo gallery:

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Cornwall park family lifestyle photos {Auckland-Hamilton photographer } Baby Alexander

Lifestyle sessions for me always starts from details: house interiors, nursery details - cot, mobile, toys around, shelfs, any items what looks like family loves. Thats all details that gets me feeling of the family, their character, personalities, colour choices and stuff around as well.

Then its goes to people who live in this space, how they interact with each other, what made them happy, how the talk, touch each other (hug the baby, touch their little feet, hands and head), all this comes into place like puzzle. 

Then I watch for the light, best place to shoot and compliment the family lifestyle. Its make sense to shoot baby in nursery or on big parents bed because its a place where he spends a lot of time, where mum and dad love to be with him.

I also love ability to move outside of the house and go to the beach or park. These places are not just pretty surroundings, these places are where mum/dad spend a lot of time walking with baby, give him some fresh air.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to met amazing family with 8 month old little one - gorgeous baby Alexander, his parents and lucky enough his grandma who been visited family and planning to fly back to Malaysia very soon. I been happy to capture all this family together at so rememberable for them moments, celebrating first year of babies life and show all lifestyle moments, especially treasured ones with his grand mom!

This family definitely love to have fun. I don't remember when I heard last time so much laughing and giggle sounds. So enjoyable time!
Thank you guys for inviting me in your lovely place at Ellerslie and having outside time in Cornwall park.

What a treasured moments!

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Milford Beach baby photo session | Auckland Lifestyle Photographer

What a joy to take a pictures with babies, especially lifestyle pictures when we can hang around the house, show everyday moments of babies life (details of nursery, cot and real love and connection between baby and his parents) and have fun!

That's what we did with Brad, Anna and 2 month old Luka. What a gorgeous baby boy! He been so good, really fascinated with camera, loved to be in parents hands. He became just a little bit tired when we been finishing session at Milford Beach after some time at their house.

Love how we all jump on the big parents bed and had a lot different type of shots. This family just amazing, its such a pleasure to be around this positive people.

Thank you so much for sharing with me your special moments, I been happy to capture these emotions, feelings and fun.

Luckily weather was great (and I sort out my car questions - 2 flat tires in 12 hours, luckily I fixed it and just delay a session for a one hour. Sometimes this type of things happening, and we just do our best. Thank you parents for patience! Well done to us :))

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10 days old newborn baby boy lifestyle session {Auckland photographer}

Babies so tiny and gorgeous little things! It's always so much pleasure to welcome them into this world and take pictures with newborns!

Great time for newborn photos - 10 days after baby birthday. They are still really sleepy at this time, so we get opportunity to set up some posing pictures! And do some lifestyle shots in between when the baby awakes.

What a gorgeous baby boy I met last weekend! Nazar is just the perfect baby, loves his parents so much so, he liked to stay most of the session in their hands, so we got plenty of opportunities to get family shots, details and even take pictures with wedding cake that parents keep not touched (freeze) for this special day - when first baby born. What a nice tradition!

Family shared with me piece of yummy wedding cake with cup of tea. It was really nice atmosphere. And was great to see grandparents there who support and helped them a lot with a baby and gave mum some rest after session.

 Love these lifestyle moments!
Congratulations to proud parents - Alena and Kirill!


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5 month Baby-girl pictures {Auckland-Hamilton newborn lifestyle photography}

I just love taking pictures of babies. They are so small and so gorgeous! They have their own personalities and cute smiles.

I had an honour to photograph a 5 month old Mariam and her mama Sofi and grandmother Khatuna. This session was full of amazing moments!

We started our photoshoot at their place where we set up a little studio with some props - blankets, soft toys, necklaces (all girls love jewellery, even little ones! :), and also a few different outfits (every girl needs it too).

Mariam was just a perfect model: sometimes serious, sometimes ready to give a lot of smiles! What a cutie pie! After a while Mariam needed a break and we all happily followed suit and had a cup of tea with the most delicious hachaputi I have ever tasted. Hachapuri is a traditional Georgian bread baked with cheese and Khatuna made it nothing short of perfect. I will never forget that melt-in-the-mouth taste and most friendly and delightful company!

Then we moved to the closest beach for some shots in the nature. I just love all these ocean views, waves and the wind, great sunny weather and healthy fresh air for our little princess! She became really tired at the end, almost ready to sleep at mummy's shoulder. What a sweet little girl!

Thank you Sofi, Mariam and Khatuna for this amazing time together!

Have a look at this gallery:



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