Everyday moments - April - 365 Project {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

Amazing month April, keep going third year in a row capturing my personal everyday moments with kids and family. Such amazing time together on playgrounds, mini-golf, cafe, museum and home.

One of my April images been featured in LooksLikeFilm, yay! :)

Enjoy these highlights - images with so different moments and emotions around Hamilton NZ, Auckland, Rotorua,Tauranga and other areas where we had day trips {and just remember - my boy turned 5 years old, such a big date, we spent this time celebrating his birthday in Rainbow Springs and Agrodom, great memories!}:

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Milford Beach family session {Auckland lifestyle photographer}

I had a deja vu feelings meeting Wilson family on Milford Beach {Auckland} this morning again - just one year ago we been doing a lifestyle newborn session at their home and at the same beach where we come to do a family photos with grandparents around Luka's one year old special date!

It was so great to see this family again and had so much fun at the same place. I am as photographer always thrilled when clients contacting me again and also really happy I can see these little babies grows so much, crawling and walking! It's pretty amazing and made my heart sing!

So this time we had a picnic with balloons which fly away in the ski right after start of photo shoot, walking at the park, bridge and beach. At the end of the session we allow Luka just to have fun on the beach, play with sand and get dirty! No worries, parents always have a spare clothes :)

Thank you for sharing with me so special memories!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

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Mainly Music Playgroup | Personal family lifestyle pictures | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Each family have own traditions and our ones - every Tuesday go to Mainly Music where kids having half an hour music session, then morning tea and over 2 hours play time with a lot of toys. My little ones just loves it. 

I am happy just sing with them, play and watch them playing around, what fun moments!

This time I took a few pictures with my daughter reading books, dressing up ( she just loves to put clothes her own way, maybe she will be a designer one day? will see :), and running around.

Have a look at these pictures, have your camera ready, and capture your little ones. Its treasured moments:

Lifestyle photography

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Snowy mountains Lake Taupo-Ruapehu destination session | Lifestyle photographer Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty

I spent last weekend at Lake Taupo, where I have had a family photo session and many more. Lake Taupo is one of the best family destinations in New Zealand. I have been invited to capture precious moments of a baby turning 1 year old - a fabulous present of his parents. Birthday party at the mountains all covered with snow. First time to encounter snow – what can be more exciting for a child!

What a great experience!!!

I love to travel. I have been so happy that they have decided to share with me these special moments.  

Mama Lena specially made a cake to celebrate one year old, and parents’ friends brought some cool presents. Gorgeous little boy has been so happy to have a ride on a toy-train with funny music and play with balloons. Later this day we drove up to the mountains passing by snowy trees and amazing landscapes everywhere you look. What a magic atmosphere it has been!

Not to mention it was just freezing up on the top of the mountains and it has been a little bit challenging to shoot with cold fingers, but it’s definitely worth it: beautiful nature around us and family walking on snow, laying and playing together. I have found that I'm not used to snow anymore, after few years away from Russia (there was really freezing temperatures - 20-30 at winter!!!), so now I’m more used to summer all year around.  But it's great you can find so different landscapes in New Zealand, all in one spot! Love it!

Next day it was time to leave our location, beautiful house we spend the most amazing weekend. It was pity to leave this beautiful place. Lake Taupo was a short drive from where we have stayed, so we decided to continue with a photo session with a change of the background and of course more positive emotions, especially when so many interesting birds, swans and ducks around us. What a great experience for little one - watch all these new moments for him and feed those birds!

What a great weekend and amazing time! Enjoy our pictures and watch this space!

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Baking Family Session | Auckland Lifestyle photography

What could be better than making cupcakes on a Saturday morning at family lifestyle session in Auckland with beautiful Kylie and her gorgeous daughters: 5 and 7 years old Taylor and Kourtney!

I really enjoyed watching how girls helping Mummy to mix all ingredients, cooking together, had fun with flour, made mess, try base, had dirty faces and cleaned all afterwards and had a Teddy Bears picnic. How much fun we all had at this morning!

Look at these pictures!

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Lifestyle colouring family session | Auckland Kids Photographer

Did you ever think about having session at your own house? It looks too usual for you, every day you see the same walls and your used to it.

But what about remembering these everyday moments, remember what your family and kids love to do, how you prefer spend time together, what about treasure every single moment of your life. Kids grow up really fast and they do colouring or enjoy play-dough, run after bubbles, trying to catch them, laughing and sitting on the ground...

All these moments will be gone, but we could remember them when looking at pictures.

I spent morning with beautiful family last weekend: Kylie, Taylor and Kourtney (5 and 7 years old gorgeous girls), they so different and looks so similar at the same moment.  We capture everyday lifestyle moments like colouring, playing, laying on the floor and doing a lot of other different things, what all kids loves to do. We just went with the flow, follow girls wishes. It was big fun! Love every single moment of this session! We also did some baking, it was really special, so I decided put it in separate Blog post (watch this space for publication next week).

Look at these  pictures!


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Everyday lifestyle moments. Personal Project LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

Every morning is different. Some give you a lot of positive emotion and fun moments what you just desperately need to capture.

This morning I was lucky to shoot my kids everyday moments: my youngest one, almost 2 years old, put four layers clothes on her (girly girl! - can't stop to ask me put on more and more t-shirts and dresses, pulling them out from the draws. I decided to follow her wishes, and watch when she decided to stop. Last dress with bunny goes on top of three others pretty tops :) And gumboots of course (pretty one with strawberries :) I even not sure she put it on right feet.

My older little one, her 3 year old brother, decided to help her brushing hair, and then had fun laying under the blanket with cheeky smile :)

And they both had a lot of fun!

Here it goes - this few minutes series:

Mama and me Mission Bay beach photography session {Auckland Family Photographer}

What nice sunny weather and freezing temperature! Thats how we met Thursday morning photo shoot at Auckland City Kohimarama | St. Heliers beach. Lucky enough no rain, but bright sun which is not the best friend for great pictures :)

But I can work in any conditions. We met again with Lena and Yarik for their second family session. Its a big pleasure to work with old friends/clients (last time it was really rainy weather for family session but we manage to handle it :)

Yarik just turned 2 years old. What a big boy, lucky parents. He was really good, full of smiles, had a lot of fun at the session: played with the sand, rolled ball at the beach, played with mummy hide and seek and pi-ca-bu , climbed up to the stairs and run around! Boys always active!

Enjoy these pictures:


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Relax at Kariotahi Beach. Family lifestyle outdoor photography Auckland

Sometimes day can go unexpected ways. From quiet family time it can turn to busy full of people at crowded market - Steel on wheels in Waiuku or fast change to really relaxable time with family at Kariotahi beach.

That how our day goes. First few shots at Steel on wheels - market in Waiuku with a lot of retro vintage cars, and I just love all of them. Its been really so busy :)

So we took kids on playground afterwards and had an idea to drive to the Kariotahi beach which is located just few kilometres from Waiuku. Its a wonderful place, and was so nice just lay in the grass and watch nature around, waves, rocks and people hand gliding in the air. It was a real pleasure to capture all these little moments and feels really good to be at this atmosphere after busy environment.

Lifestyle photography

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Happy Mother's Day!

I want to say Happy Mother's day to all my friends and clients! It's a special feeling being a mother and to celebrate Mother's day with all mums on the planet. I remembered how special I felt to be a mum on this day for the very first time and get a present from my husband/kids  - some fun cup with picture about shopping (my son was less then one month old at this point and go shopping for me looks like impossible task! Now I have two babies and can go shopping easily! At least food shopping, ha-ha :)

So I want to wish a wonderful day to all Mums, had a lot of positive emotions, get all love and nice surprises from your family! Hope they make you really happy and not only at this day. but every single day! :)

And I just want to remember my last sessions with beautiful Mums and their gorgeous kids. Im so happy you spend such treasured time with me and I'm so pleased to look at these pictures, its something really meaningful for me!

So lets celebrate!

Everyday moments. Playcentre. Lifestyle photographer Auckland

My personal photography project: capture everyday moments - 365 days a year, family storytelling and documentary lifestyle moments.

I took kids to Playcentre for the first time today. It's a great opportunity for kids to play with a lot of different toys, painting, play role games, put costumes on and have fun outside at fully fenced playground; and parents can just relax and watch kids having fun, explore and develop their skills. Love this atmosphere!

Its been rainy today but my little ones still explore everything around inside and outside and I had the opportunity to take some pictures, capture fun lifestyle moments. 

Lifestyle photography

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Princess tea party {Auckland children lifestyle photographer}

How do you like to spend your family time with children? What do you love doing together?

We could capture these treasured lifestyle moments during your family photo shoot while you and your loved ones have fun outdoors!

That is what we did with Anya, Ben, Alice and Annie at their family session in the park: climbing trees, stone walls, picking up autumn leaves, running around, having a picnic, sitting in a princess tent, having a tea party with teddy bears and so much more.

It was an amazing time with this active and fun family. Girls were so gorgeous! And their parents love them so much! It was a real pleasure to capture these special family moments, their relationship, fun, freedom and spirit. We really enjoyed this time together and the little ones have been happy to play and explore everything around. Pictures turned out just amazing! 

Thank you so much for these moments!

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Two little princesses - 2 years Birthday Party Pictures | Auckland event photographer

What a great birthday party I've been to recently! Two little girls turned 2 years old. Such a big date! And what a delightful little couple of princesses! Their parents should be proud to have such pretty and smart gorgeous girls!

I've worked on a few boys birthday parties now and can confidently describe them as rollercoaster adventures. Girls parties, on the other hand, are full of pink, butterflies, fairies and magic moments. Lovely little things!

I'm very pleased to shoot this birthday party of two friends - Madeleine and Rebecca! Their mums have been friends for a few years and even their daughters have been born close - pretty amazing, isn't it? I just loved these gorgeous girls, only pity, one had been slightly sick that day and couldn't fully enjoy her birthday party. But it was still really nice and lovely there: kids of different ages, their parents, a lot of toys and activities, great snacks for kids and parents, and beautiful decorations of course!

So much work to organise the party. Well done!

Have a look at these pictures!

Weather was really rainy and we couldn't do nice shots outside, but kids still managed to have a lot of fun inside.


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Personal series. Everyday moments. Lifestyle photography

Im happy to capture my everyday moments with kids, how they playing, running etc. My 365 project helps a lot to get motivation and inspiration.Not every day the same. Some days full of exciting moments and events, others feels flat and boring. But there always chance to see beauty!

I show you my pics form 2 days. First from indoor playing with blocks, another one - kids at new playground (mazing place for kids to play!).

First series - Indoor:

Second series - Outdoor playground

Easter theme outdoor party {Event photography Auckland NZ}

Happy Easter!
Kids just love all the Easter traditions with Easter eggs, Easter Bunny and Easter Hunt of course.
Today I’ve been honoured to watch Easter Hunt event that Lara organised for a few friends and families.I been happy to photography this event. Kids have been just happy to move from one spot to another searching for Easter Eggs. Lara did an amazing job with decorations, setting up little Ester stations around her place and she even prepared some storytelling for kids.
It’s a real treasure to see all those emotions on little faces - excitement, wonder, happiness.
Well done, Lara! It was the best Easter ever for all the friends and their families:

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5 month Baby-girl pictures {Auckland-Hamilton newborn lifestyle photography}

I just love taking pictures of babies. They are so small and so gorgeous! They have their own personalities and cute smiles.

I had an honour to photograph a 5 month old Mariam and her mama Sofi and grandmother Khatuna. This session was full of amazing moments!

We started our photoshoot at their place where we set up a little studio with some props - blankets, soft toys, necklaces (all girls love jewellery, even little ones! :), and also a few different outfits (every girl needs it too).

Mariam was just a perfect model: sometimes serious, sometimes ready to give a lot of smiles! What a cutie pie! After a while Mariam needed a break and we all happily followed suit and had a cup of tea with the most delicious hachaputi I have ever tasted. Hachapuri is a traditional Georgian bread baked with cheese and Khatuna made it nothing short of perfect. I will never forget that melt-in-the-mouth taste and most friendly and delightful company!

Then we moved to the closest beach for some shots in the nature. I just love all these ocean views, waves and the wind, great sunny weather and healthy fresh air for our little princess! She became really tired at the end, almost ready to sleep at mummy's shoulder. What a sweet little girl!

Thank you Sofi, Mariam and Khatuna for this amazing time together!

Have a look at this gallery:



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One little girl and a Big hat. Lifestyle children photography

I just want to share with you my everyday moments with kids. Its great to capture all these little moments what we will treasure in future when kids grow up. Sometimes its really handy to have a camera beside.

I been with kids at playgroup today and did some shots with their play and craft.

brother and sister
Brother and sister

Brother and sister

But then my daughter found big hat, and I just follow her with camera (lucky I had it with me) :) Its looks so gorgeous and cute! I just can't help myself :) So here big picture share. I like this old style retro feeling what give us these pictures:

girl and heat
hands up
black and white
girl and sofa

Its shows how many interesting moments you could capture for shot moment with kids :) Just have camera ready :)

Lifestyle photography

Kids Portrait

My 365 Project. February. Daily photo.

It's so important to document your everyday moments, capture family storytelling. And its  also  push you to progress to be a better photographer.

Its not so easy to find something new to shoot (every single day) and get more interesting angles, composition, light. But its made you looking for something special, what speak to you, what show something YOURS at this exact moment.

Its your STORY, your VOICE, your IDEAS, and your LIFE!

Here my February daily pictures (some black and white, some colour, some clients shots, some family, and a little bit of everything! Thats my story!

family pictures
lifestyle photography
365 photo project
little monkey jumping on the bed
My wedding photo shoot from yesterday. Just can't walk away with one picture for 365 Project :)  Look forward to next month!   Lifestyle photography    Wedding photography    Couples photography    Family photography

My wedding photo shoot from yesterday. Just can't walk away with one picture for 365 Project :)

Look forward to next month!

Lifestyle photography

Wedding photography

Couples photography

Family photography

QUESTIONNAIRE. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS. Family and wedding photographer Auckland

Questionnaire - its a fast and effective way to use to know your clients. I love to know more information about clients before the session. Thats why I always try to catch up with clients/friends prior and ask them different  questions. Not only about what type of photo shoot they would like to have, what shots and style of the pictures, but also to know their personality, what they love to do, what their favourite things, what make them happy. And what one dream shot they would like to capture. And its made us feel on the same page, what really important for not get any disappointed moments when you see result.

I heard menu times how people saying their Photographer been not good because not capture desperately needs moments (especially on wedding day when each moment - treasure!). Thats why we need to know what you want to capture, what mean a lot to you, whats your dream list or dream shot. Questionnaire helps with this, and boards on Pinterest too (really popular right now things to do, I love create all these boards for different shoots and look at clients board to see what pictures they like).

So I will share with you what type of questions I ask at my family/portraits and wedding sessions. Its just some of them, what make me understand what client want.

Family/Portrait Session:

1.List the names of everyone involved in the shoot. Ages of children (you need to know names and age for be ready to entertain and know psychology different kids age - lucky I have good psychology-pedagogical education and teaching experience. And wait - three own kids!)

2. What your family looks like? What you love to do at downtime? What you kids as individuals (are they shy, active, outgoing etc.) - its really good to be ready to meet different personalities and understand their needs.

3. If there was 1 dream shot you would love to have from your session with L&L, what would the shot be? - dream shot question helps with understand what type of picture client want and not miss the opportunity to make him happy!

4. Is there a particular image that prompted you to contact LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY? - thats connect with previous question and made you understand why client choose you, and what type of session he wants.

5. What style photo shoot would you like to have? (formal. lifestyle (documentary), mix of different ones... - that continue previous question and helps deeply go with understanding type of the shots to make.

all these questions and others helps with prepare to photo shoot and understand clients personalities and wishes and made them happy at the end

Wedding Shoot:.

You can get different type of questionnaire in Google search, I just point on some important questions at weddings.

In wedding shoot the main questions for me - schedule questions - for clear understand timing and locations. I love to be well prepared and organised and be ready for any situation. Good to know how many time I have for family shots and where they gonna take place, or shoot bride and groom on location, or for shooting reception details. Its all important moments. 

Contact names - you should get at least 2 names who you can contact during the wedding apart from bride and groom (they could be impossible  to reach during the wedding). And also could be great to get contact person who will organise family shots - move all guests in right place at right time (not so easy task to organise, if you have a friend policemen its could help a lot! sounds good - I had it at one of my wedding - great choice!)

Next important moment - type of shoot and pictures style. Often brides saying they choose me for my natural shots, what show emotions and joy. I love to shoot real life moments, do some type of documentary wedding photography. But pretty happy to set up formal shots, help with posing etc. I just need to know what the best way to operate on the wedding and to get type of shots what you want.

List of shots. Maybe its sound strange but I like creating list, planning everything. Even when I am going to travel List of things what I need take with me - its a main point! Yes Im a planning fan! Search travel places, sightseeing, hotels, locations. Its all applies to photography too.

What the main shots you want - dress and shoes, flower girls, bride with father (mother), or shot with favourite grandma. Happy not miss this moment if I KNOW I need capture it. :) This list just type of orientation. I not planning stand at the wedding with list and trying tick points while missing something important what happens exactly at this moment :) Ha-ha! But its really helps to be organised and plan ahead. Probably you still miss some moments - weddings could goes really unexpected way! But also capture something new and unexpected, what move memories back in time.

And we will treasure forever all these moments!

So ask the question,  Get the answer, Be Happy and make Happy everyone around!