Fun Family Long Bay Beach Session {Lifestyle photographer Auckland NZ}

I had great pleasure to shoot Carlyle family with their gorgeous boy Ethan and grandparents at Long Bay beach (what come over for Christmas holidays from Australia). Type - lifestyle photography with shoots at playground, park and beach. Love to offer pictures with different atmosphere!

Each family have own character, personality, individual things what they like to do. What you doing at your down time - playing cards together, watching TV, doing gardening or having fun at the beach? How you love spend your time? What you want to see on your family pictures after 5, 10, 20 years when you look back and remember your special time together...

What the fun session it was! Climbing, jumping, running, splashing, playing... Ethan was a star of the shoot. What a personality! Full of beans, active, love to play boy. I been happy include some type of games in our session so he feel interested and involved. Kids hate formal posing. And definitely don't want listen orders "Stand here, Smile etc". We need made for them special atmosphere full of fun, adventure, danger, and interesting things to do for all family.

Just look at our results - what a fun shoot! I still smiling when look at pictures. And hope family with little one and grandparents enjoyed it too!

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