One year cute baby boy birthday celebration {Kids event photographer Auckland NZ}

I love parties. Especially if its babies parties :)

One year seems to be a big date for new person in the world. First we counting days after birth, then weeks, and later months. Feeding, changing nappies, playing, move to sleep (big task!) - all this routine staff make this time looks like ever!

And then suddenly ONE year coming. And we want made something special, make us remember this day - when baby became a toddler. And looks like our live became lighter and happier (joking! with part of true :) first time mums understand. Second and third time everything became easier :)

So good ideas for celebration 1 year old:

- choose the right location (your house, playcenter, or outdoor - park or beach like in our case)

- invite good people (friends and families with little kids (don't forget send an invitation)

- prepare yummy food (remember to include baby items - like baby cans, crackers, cheese, veges, fruits etc)

- prepare play activities, equipment (slide, water games, cars etc), bubbles, ballons...

- don't forget a decoration what making good atmosphere and party feelings!

- and order photographer (for good memories fixed and free hands - you no need running around with camera, try get good shots with active moving kids and organise party at the same moment :)

- Oh, yes, and spare clothes for little ones - they just love to make mess!

Last weekend I been at great party - celebration one year old Ivan with his family and little friends. What the great company, nice atmosphere, amazing location at Waiaki beach, and a lot interesting to shoot!

Parents did a great job with setup all party - choose location, took and keep the best spot on the beach, think about all activities for kids with little playhouse and slide, water play, big car etc Kids just loved it! So much fun and positive emotions.

I been happy to shoot all these little ones and their families. Yes, its been a big task for me - to shoot birthday boy Ivan's family + 4 families with babies - mini family sessions on location, and tried keep shooting party process. Great experience, new emotions and great to meet new people - such a wonderful guys! (And I even been so much into shooting and looking for the best respective and composition - so fall of the walking pass when been shooting last family. Camera and lens fine, Me too :) just a few marks on hands and legs, funny moment :) Everything for session!

Here some pictures coming (need to say I retouched much more then usual amount of pictures - just to be sure I have all families and party pictures as well).

Happy Birthday Vanya (short for Ivan - Russian name)! Hope you enjoyed this day and had a good sleep afterwards :) as I did!

Contact me with any questions!