Self-Portrait Genre | Auckland-Waikato NZ photographer

We as photographers are so used to being behind the camera and document others people's everyday life and special moments, so its a really hard task for us to be in front of the lens, and being captured in frame.

Im doing 365 project, which allow me to shoot every day and get my families lifestyle pictures, my kids, life around and include a clients sessions as well. But sometimes you just run out of theme, with no inspiration. At this moment can be great to try a new views, angles, genre, detailed shots, different lenses or come to self portraiture.

Its really not so easy. Because no one directs you and tells you what to do. Its all totally up to you and your idea how you want to see yourself, with some idea behind it. Also its not so easy to get exact focus (need to practice couple of times), good body language, everything what you need in or out of frame, ha-ha! and you need to take a lot of shots to get what you need.

Does it sounds like fun? could be, ha-ha! 

There always some idea behind the self-portrait. What we want to show, what its mean for us. Do we want do direct gaze, or keep anonymity, do we want a classical portrait or to show some lifestyle moment from our life. What the story behind it?

Last time I took this self-portrait:

self portrait

Story behind: Im a lifestyle photographer and a mum of two really active toddlers. So cup of tea its a special time: time for rest and relax (if no one call: Mummy!!! :) ) Also its time to think about day plans, photography business, client enquiries etc. Thats how I roll :)

Its not a perfect picture but its mine, and Im already a winner because I went in front of the camera and tried it myself.

Next step - try to capture my kids with me in the frame. Im not sure if I have any of these portraits at last months...

Hope you all will try some new experience for you! Enjoy it!

Talk to you soon!

Contact me with any questions!