Creativity Exercise | Auckland NZ Lifestyle family photographer

Its time for our new creativity exercise! This time we will shoot at one location, choose one subject and try to incorporate it in surrounding environment.

So make camera ready and try to shoot 5-10 shots in the same location with the same subject/subjects and try to create at least 5 different frames (angles, perspective, close or far shot, you can even use different lens for get different feeling (wide angle, portrait or tele etc.).

You can make this creativity exercise in one go or try a couple of times to get effect what you want.

For example, I shoot my daughter in the car early morning when we been in Mainly Music session, i took one shot

girl in the car

Then when we been back I seen her playing in the car and did series of shots to show how she love to sit in the car and play in it. Here is few more shot from different angles, perspective, points of view. Enjoy it and hope your will do your set of pictures with your kids.

Its a treasured moments, so its good to remember what they loved to do when they been so little :)

My pictures is not ideal, but they show the moment for me and really personal!