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What a beautiful day for take kids in Hamilton Zoo, especially at holidays time!

So we get up early morning (as usual) , had some breakfast and drive to the Zoo. Kids been really excited to see animals. Last time, when we visited Hamilton Gardens, they all the way been asking: Where is the animals? Is animals sleeping? 

It was hard to explain to them that gardens don't have animals, just trees, flowers and some birds, ha-ha! SO this time they been happy to go to see real animals.

Lucky we took our pram for little one (2 years old), usually we not use it, but this time they both been really tired walking around the Zoo, so at some point my 3 years old share pram with his little sister, and older one, my 8-years old step-daughter, visited us on holidays, been helping with pushing pram.

We watch all around: monkeys, zebras, triggers, giraffes etc: had a picnic, play on playground, eat an ice block on the back way. Kids been just exhausted after few hours walking and activities, so I took them home to have a lunch and try to move them to sleep (not an easy task, but I will try :)

Here is some pictures what I manage to get with my active kids :)

Enjoy it!