Personal everyday moments - September 2017 {Hamilton-Waikato family photographer}

Time goes so fast, but there always some moments what worth to remember, everyday personal moments with family and kids.

I pull out some photographs about our life and memories in Hamilton, Waikato. Enjoy these everyday highlights and see how active my little ones:

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My everyday moments August 2017 - 365 {Hamilton Waikato family - wedding photographer}

Winter has flown by so fast; it's hard to believe Spring time is coming, warmer and sunnier weather on the way!  Another month with my 365 Project {third year in a row}.  August has brought some amazing moments.  We spent some time away from Hamilton, Waikato and stayed at Omokoroa holiday park with hot pools for the weekend.  The kids had so much fun!  I have also been sick for almost three weeks (exact time in between of my weddings - engagement work), I guess my body just felt like it needed to have a rest, which almost impossible with two little ones!  Our everyday moments have been documented all month long, and you can have a look at this final gallery, with some highlights capturing all our moving and messy moments.

Enjoy these photographs and contact me with any questions!

My everyday moments July 2017 - 365 project {Hamilton, Waikato lifestyle wedding photographer}

Hi there! Its time for our monthly update on my kids, just joking. Its my monthly shares of 365 Project, my shooting time in between of weddings and engagement session of everyday moments with family and kids. We been doing day trips for school holidays around Rotorua, Auckland and most of the time just stayed in Hamilton, Waikato, NZ. 

Enjoy this month July 2017 highlights. Let me know if you have any questions about my lifestyle family or wedding photography.

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Everyday moment - June 2017 {Hamilton Waikato wedding photographer}

Winter time is coming and we are having a blast here in Hamilton {Waikato, NZ}, more time to spend with kids and family and capture everyday moments, who else can do it as not mum-photographer {my kids probably already had enough of my camera, but they still really enjoying to see their baby images come up o Facebook, so cute to see how they grow}.

June was amazing month, we had some time off shooting weddings as its off wedding season in New Zealand, but there still so much things to do, we are heading to exciting changes, watch this space for more info.

Enjoy these documentary everyday moments in 365 Project and let me know if you have any questions!

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My 365 Everyday moments - May 2017 {Hamilton lifestyle wedding photographer}

Hi everyone! Wedding season in new Zealand is coming to the end and i been crazy busy to catch up on editing and other things but manage to get a few images with my personal lifestyle everyday moments with kids and family for my "mostly 365 Project" :) 

Enjoy this gallery with my everyday moments in May 2017 around Hamilton, Auckland {ClickinWalk at Muriwai Beach and surroundings:

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Everyday moments - April - 365 Project {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding photographer}

Amazing month April, keep going third year in a row capturing my personal everyday moments with kids and family. Such amazing time together on playgrounds, mini-golf, cafe, museum and home.

One of my April images been featured in LooksLikeFilm, yay! :)

Enjoy these highlights - images with so different moments and emotions around Hamilton NZ, Auckland, Rotorua,Tauranga and other areas where we had day trips {and just remember - my boy turned 5 years old, such a big date, we spent this time celebrating his birthday in Rainbow Springs and Agrodom, great memories!}:

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Best of March 2017 in 365 personal project {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga wedding-family photographer}

Hi everyone! I just want to share with you some highlights - best images during March 2017 in 365 personal project, photos taken in Auckland, Hamilton NZ and Tauranga areas of New Zealand. Between my busy wedding photography season such a pleasure to capture some lifestyle family moments with kids, such a treasured memories!

Now when I became a Click Pro at Click and Co you can find my everyday moments in Daily Project.

Enjoy these highlights of my personal 365 project and contact me with any questions!

My personal moments in 365 Project - November 2016 {NZ wedding photographer}

Its end of the month and time for my favourite insights in my personal everyday moments in 365 Project, time with my family and kids apart from wedding and couples photography. 

November brought a lot of positive emotions and travel to destination weddings in Paihia-Russel {Duke of Marlborough} and Kerikeri {Liddington Gardens}, Northland; Auckland - Waiuku Pukeoware wedding, and Waikato couples | engagement sessions in Karangahake George and Gordonton, plus much more. You can see all these galleries in our blog {some coming very soon :)}. It was amazing time, thank you so much my awesome clients for sharing so special for them moments!

Its good to have also a family time and capture some treasured memories and moments which not will be missed. Sometimes I thinking how good to be a photographer or at least have camera or phone ready to capture some lifestyle moments.

Enjoy this gallery and contact me with any questions!

One little day in Tauranga - personal everyday moments {Hamilton NZ wedding photographer} 365 Project

I just realised I not shared any of my personal work lately. I still keep doing 365 Project (which transferred more into 52 Project, as sometimes I just don't had any ability to shoot, wedding season started :) As a photographer and mum I really enjoying to capture some special for me moments as this one with play light and shade black and white from recent photographs in September.

Sisters in cafe

Sisters in cafe

Or just sweet simple moments - portraits as this one (something special for each mum - kids smile):

Spidergirl portrait

Spidergirl portrait

Back to our subject - last weekend we had the opportunity to have a little day trip out from Hamilton to Tauranga to visit our friends with their new baby and went to the Mt Maunganui beach. It was amazing time, warm enough for kids to run in the waves (lucky we always have spare clothes in car :), play with the sand and climbing up the rocks.

Of course we had cameras with us and me with my husband captured some moments around. What a great time with kids!

Enjoy this gallery!

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My 365 Project - July 2016 {Hamilton lifestyle wedding photographer}

Middle of the year - july come with relax atmosphere at its a quiet wedding season and I have time to reflect, prepare to next weddings season, look back at last season, so some inspiration shoots and of course continue capture my everyday moments with family. 

We had 2 big dates this month - 5 years anniversary from our first meeting with my husband {we met overseas in Brussels, Europe} - time goes really fast! and my little one princess turned 3 years old! What a big date. Kids grow so fast. Now she more independent, know what she wants and loves {as kittens, dancing and singing}.

There was a lot of beautiful and emotional moments. I been practicing in self-portrature and show my emotions. We even set up a selfie - photo shoot with my husband, it was a mess, we have no idea what we are doing and I totally understand my wedding couples who need a little bit direction {its not so easy if you cant see yourself from the side :) You can see some of our results in this gallery!

{also note: Don't be surprised with different colours! I tried to show emotions and feeling through the colour choice at editing of my personal work. Im not using a strong colours at clients work as weddings have different atmosphere and emotions, but maybe I will apply new techniques at some parts of the wedding day :) }

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Fog and kids in Cambridge NZ {Hamilton - Waikato lifestyle wedding photographer}

This morning was really cold {better to say freezing!} and foggy, I loved this mystic atmosphere and used this opportunity to take a few lifestyle shots with kids. We also had a family time in Cambridge NZ, drove from Hamilton, Waikato for had a meeting with my new awesome wedding clients who are planning an elopement {have a small wedding} at spring time, so exciting!

We had a walk near Cambridge lake after the meeting, children loved to climb up to the trees and also been on the edge of the cliff above the lake {so scary!}. Cold and fun!

Enjoy this gallery showing our family time - everyday moments!

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My 365 Project. May 2016 {Hamilton NZ lifestyle wedding photographer}

This month May brought colder and rainier weather and also a lot of positive moments in my 365 project - capturing lifestyle moments with kids i between shooting weddings in Hamilton NZ, Auckland and surrounding areas :)

Kids grow so fast, its just unbelievable! So treasured moments with little ones...

I shoot 2 weddings {my sweet number per month as I prefer to give my complete attention to my awesome clients and my family with two little ones :)} and I got incredible 6 sessions with returned clients {some of them done with me couples, maternity and now a newborns photo shoot!}. I am so happy to see my clients {who became friends} again and their little ones grow during the years. Its such a special for me moments! {few little newborns what I shoot last year became a big 1 year old boys and I been so glad their parents sharing with me so special moments of celebrating their so important first year! I also got a new awesome clients and spent a beautiful time at their places with lifestyle sessions around their house and capturing for them everyday moments with family. So special to document your story and these moments!

Im sharing with you my favourite lifestyle photographs during this busy month {I surprised I even manage to find time to shoot my own kids!}

Enjoy this gallery!

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Adventures on the bike track {Hamilton NZ lifestyle wedding photographer}

My kids love to spend a lot of time on the bike track at reserve just behind our house in Hamilton, NZ (my son just learn how to ride a bike). I know, really lucky they can have a little adventures and explore areas around what they love to do!

I used the opportunity to capture these lifestyle moments in between of my wedding season :) I just love spent this treasured time with my kids and capture a family story, document our everyday moments.

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with adventures on the bike truck! {you can see how active my little ones, hands full!} :)

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Pirongia bush walk - personal moments {Waikato lifestyle wedding photographer}

It was a great weekend in Pirongia {Waikato NZ} with bush walk at the mountain with my family {including 2 little ones}. It was one of these rare weekends when I am not been doing wedding photography and spent time with my family :)

I love to capture lifestyle personal moments and treasured memories for my family storytelling. Kids grow so fast and changes a lot. My older one soon will turn 4 years old and little one in few months time will be 3 years old, they not a babies anymore! {a little bit pity...I remember how I been waiting when they grow up from baby age and when its actually happened I missing this time, thats why I need to capture these treasured moments!}

Day started from rain on the way but luckily all clear up when we arrived to the mountain. Kids been really happy to explore everything around, look at tall trees, go across the bridge, climb up, and even found some stream, where they immediately went into the water and enjoyed themselves. Then of course they became all wet, I dressed my sun in my big warm jacket and carry my daughter all way back in my hands. Fun time and great memories.

Enjoy this gallery!

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365 Project - March 2016 {Auckland-Waikato-Northland lifestyle family and wedding photographer}

I keep doing my 365 project in 2016 and want to share with you some photographs from March. 

It was really busy month for me with a lot of shooting: few weddings in Northland, Auckland, family event in Morrinsville {Waikato}, maternity photo shoot, meetings with my awesome clients | friends  and other little business things with parallel full time work as Mum of 2 active little ones!

It's really important at this hectic time to get ability to slow down, observe and capture the moments, what never going to be repeated again.

So hope you enjoy this gallery with my everyday lifestyle moment!

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Timeless photographs {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding-family photographer}

Sometimes photographs what you captured have some timeless feeling. You don't know why but they deeply speaks to you as photographer. Its can be a colour or shape, emotion or atmosphere, lines or composition, or something else what hard to describe. I found out black and white images often feels stronger connect to what I want to see in the my art.

Im doing my 365 Project and capture everyday lifestyle moments with my family and kids. Its a family storytelling in between of wedding photo shoots around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas :) This part of my personal photography projects is really important to me.

This time I captured how kids had fun after pre-school colouring on the concrete drive way. They enjoyed it and I used the opportunity to capture these moments with my Lensbaby, which gave the opportunity to be more creative and get really interesting shots with timeless feeling to them. Its not so easy to get right focus (there absolutely manual control), but its let you to feel the camera and lens and get some retro and timeless feeling to it what I really love! :)

Enjoy this gallery with my little ones!

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Everyday 365 moments | Hamilton NZ photographer

Hope everyone enjoying their long weekend and I just feel like I need take a break from my intensive photography life and to relax.

Just want to share with you few everyday moments with kids. They are active and needs a lot of attention, and a little nightmares with their tantrums sometimes.

I trying to document these everyday moments and to capture our real life with all these daily routine and unexpected moments :)

Enjoy it!

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Hamilton Zoo | Personal lifestyle moments | Family photographer | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

What a beautiful day for take kids in Hamilton Zoo, especially at holidays time!

So we get up early morning (as usual) , had some breakfast and drive to the Zoo. Kids been really excited to see animals. Last time, when we visited Hamilton Gardens, they all the way been asking: Where is the animals? Is animals sleeping? 

It was hard to explain to them that gardens don't have animals, just trees, flowers and some birds, ha-ha! SO this time they been happy to go to see real animals.

Lucky we took our pram for little one (2 years old), usually we not use it, but this time they both been really tired walking around the Zoo, so at some point my 3 years old share pram with his little sister, and older one, my 8-years old step-daughter, visited us on holidays, been helping with pushing pram.

We watch all around: monkeys, zebras, triggers, giraffes etc: had a picnic, play on playground, eat an ice block on the back way. Kids been just exhausted after few hours walking and activities, so I took them home to have a lunch and try to move them to sleep (not an easy task, but I will try :)

Here is some pictures what I manage to get with my active kids :)

Enjoy it!

Personal Project 365 | August | Lifestyle Photography Auckland

Its always surprising to look back at the start of the month and see images what you took FOREVER ago. Yes, thats how its feels, and then you realised it was not a long time ago, just start of the month.

So much happening: different sessions, events, news,  few commercial projects and kids around, of course :)

Here are my personal everyday moments in 365 Project. Capturing real life and emotions, remember treasure moments.

Enjoy it!

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