Happy Valentine's Day. Couples, engagement photographer


Happy Valentine's Day everyone! What a magic day full of love, friendship and freedom spirit!

Want to say to my clients/friends - I love you all and especially my dear husband! To the moon and back :) Thank you for all you support and love: tea in bed, looking after kids when Im shooting, feeding and changing nappies (not an easy task, especially put clothes back on), making yummy dinners or drive to buy take aways (curry forever!), and listening my talking (not sure how much percent information go through, maybe 10%? ha-ha :)

And thank you guys for share with me your special moments, love and feelings! I'm really appreciate to be part of something magical! :)



P.S.: Im planning to shoot two weddings soon, really excited, counting days - can't wait, more pictures to come in the blog and Facebook page. See you there!

And Happy Valentine's day!