QUESTIONNAIRE. PHOTOGRAPHY TIPS. Family and wedding photographer Auckland

Questionnaire - its a fast and effective way to use to know your clients. I love to know more information about clients before the session. Thats why I always try to catch up with clients/friends prior and ask them different  questions. Not only about what type of photo shoot they would like to have, what shots and style of the pictures, but also to know their personality, what they love to do, what their favourite things, what make them happy. And what one dream shot they would like to capture. And its made us feel on the same page, what really important for not get any disappointed moments when you see result.

I heard menu times how people saying their Photographer been not good because not capture desperately needs moments (especially on wedding day when each moment - treasure!). Thats why we need to know what you want to capture, what mean a lot to you, whats your dream list or dream shot. Questionnaire helps with this, and boards on Pinterest too (really popular right now things to do, I love create all these boards for different shoots and look at clients board to see what pictures they like).

So I will share with you what type of questions I ask at my family/portraits and wedding sessions. Its just some of them, what make me understand what client want.

Family/Portrait Session:

1.List the names of everyone involved in the shoot. Ages of children (you need to know names and age for be ready to entertain and know psychology different kids age - lucky I have good psychology-pedagogical education and teaching experience. And wait - three own kids!)

2. What your family looks like? What you love to do at downtime? What you kids as individuals (are they shy, active, outgoing etc.) - its really good to be ready to meet different personalities and understand their needs.

3. If there was 1 dream shot you would love to have from your session with L&L, what would the shot be? - dream shot question helps with understand what type of picture client want and not miss the opportunity to make him happy!

4. Is there a particular image that prompted you to contact LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY? - thats connect with previous question and made you understand why client choose you, and what type of session he wants.

5. What style photo shoot would you like to have? (formal. lifestyle (documentary), mix of different ones... - that continue previous question and helps deeply go with understanding type of the shots to make.

all these questions and others helps with prepare to photo shoot and understand clients personalities and wishes and made them happy at the end

Wedding Shoot:.

You can get different type of questionnaire in Google search, I just point on some important questions at weddings.

In wedding shoot the main questions for me - schedule questions - for clear understand timing and locations. I love to be well prepared and organised and be ready for any situation. Good to know how many time I have for family shots and where they gonna take place, or shoot bride and groom on location, or for shooting reception details. Its all important moments. 

Contact names - you should get at least 2 names who you can contact during the wedding apart from bride and groom (they could be impossible  to reach during the wedding). And also could be great to get contact person who will organise family shots - move all guests in right place at right time (not so easy task to organise, if you have a friend policemen its could help a lot! sounds good - I had it at one of my wedding - great choice!)

Next important moment - type of shoot and pictures style. Often brides saying they choose me for my natural shots, what show emotions and joy. I love to shoot real life moments, do some type of documentary wedding photography. But pretty happy to set up formal shots, help with posing etc. I just need to know what the best way to operate on the wedding and to get type of shots what you want.

List of shots. Maybe its sound strange but I like creating list, planning everything. Even when I am going to travel List of things what I need take with me - its a main point! Yes Im a planning fan! Search travel places, sightseeing, hotels, locations. Its all applies to photography too.

What the main shots you want - dress and shoes, flower girls, bride with father (mother), or shot with favourite grandma. Happy not miss this moment if I KNOW I need capture it. :) This list just type of orientation. I not planning stand at the wedding with list and trying tick points while missing something important what happens exactly at this moment :) Ha-ha! But its really helps to be organised and plan ahead. Probably you still miss some moments - weddings could goes really unexpected way! But also capture something new and unexpected, what move memories back in time.

And we will treasure forever all these moments!

So ask the question,  Get the answer, Be Happy and make Happy everyone around!