Scouting venues. Wedding photography Auckland

Good advice for any wedding photographer - scout wedding locations, venues to get a feeling of place and be prepared to Big day (wedding photo shoot).

I prefer always check locations if its possible (hotel where bride and groom getting ready, church for ceremony, restaurant for reception and any other location). You could not only imagine how its all will happened, but also pre-check your camera settings and lens, lights, best points for shooting, good composition, where to do family shots etc. You can suddenly realise its a tight space and you need wide angle lens or its a big location and you need use zoom lens, or good mix of both. Maybe church have some restrictions for photographers with using their flash, or allow to shoot only from one point etc.

So you need to know exactly all photo shoot conditions for be ready to any situations. (of course you never knows what will happen at Big day. But at least you check all stuff and now could expect unexpected :))

Hope its all goes smoothly at your wedding shooting and day will be brilliant. Good preparation - half of success, or maybe 70%, lets leave 30% for go with flow and have fun!

I just checked few wedding locations and feel really inspired by view, ideas, feeling the space and place. I will post later on shots from the wedding so we could compare them, and Im sure during the session we will have much more ideas and interesting turns, even weather could give us a new direction :) I look forward to see my beautiful bride in wedding dress and elegant groom in suit and all their parties guests! :)

Wedding locations: Carrington Pumphouse, Coyle Park, St Therese church.