My 365 Project. March. Daily Photo. Lifestyle photography Auckland

Its a third month in the project and I feel really inspired to capture more and more everyday moments, family storytelling, details, usual life...

Not every day the same, some of them full of interesting moments but at some days you feel just flat and don't know what to shoot, or even don't have any time to do it.

But beauty around us, we just need to see it and capture. Look at beauty in simple things, your perfume bottle, or corn at the dinner table, pieces of wood after cutting tree, magic light at the leaves at your fence etc, toys animals at your kids playgroup- so much little details what we even not noticed, just stop, have a breath and look around to find this moment of beauty in world around us, beauty in details:


Look at beauty with everyday moments: kids sitting, running, playing - its so many moments for family story what you will open in few years time and will treasure it. Don't miss the opportunity to capture your everyday moments! 

Here my pics for this month: