Hair Style - couples photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

We already talk about Make-Up in Photography in our blog. So now Hair Style's turn.

How you imagine yourself in the pictures, what style you choose, what clothes you planning to wear? All these questions related to Hair Style. What you need to consider when you choose hair style type. 

If you have a long hair you will have a big freedom with ideas and styles (you could leave hair freedom, or put in tale, or make a bun etc.  Its all connected with your pictures style, clothes, accessories, make-up etc. Short hair give you less opportunities but at the same moment made it's more creative with modern or fashion hair cut what could create a special picture's atmosphere.

I love freedom of long hair what made romantic pictures with retro style, especially with couple / engagement photo shoot. You could imagine how partner playing with your long hair, how wind blow its all and made effective amazing look with freedom feeling. Partner could put his hands in the hair, or kiss them. It's so sweet moments!

Hair Style - couples photography {Auckland wedding photographer}

Mothers and kids connection could be great to show on family lifestyle sessions when little fingers touching mum's hair.  Its a great way communication.

mother and daughter

If you need to make fashion glamour look or retro vintage style you need special hair stylist who give you this special look. And pictures will turn amazing way! 

Hair stylist in wedding shoots is an absolutely must do service! You needs your hair looks nice and fresh all the day! And believe me - its a long day! I absolutely recommend to rehearsal check out (when you could try your idea and your hair artist work, so you not will be disappointed at the Big day, its a lot stress what you no need at all :)

So don't forget to book a hair stylist as well with Make-up Artist and Photographer of course :)

I have contacts of few hair stylist what I could highly recommend. So feel free contact me! I will be happy to help you with this choice.

One of the last wedding photo shoot I been honoured to shoot with great hair stylist - Alan Wang from Perfekt Hair Studio. He been working professional, fast, patient with bride, bridesmaids, bride's mum etc. So mach amazing hair done. And pictures turned absolutely stunning. Bridesmaids had a lot of fun with pillow fight on the bed and hair still stayed perfect :)

Enjoy this flashback shots!

Thank you, Alan for great work!  

Contact me with any questions!