Capturing kids activities. Creativity exercise by LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY. Lifestyle pictures.

Capturing kids is not an easy task - they are always on the move and really active. They make you move fast, be creative and capture joyful moments in lifestyle photography.

Today I will give you creativity exercise for capturing kids activities. Lets practice and progress in photography together!

Creativity exercise: Try to capture one child's activity from different angles and sides. It makes the picture more interesting and allows attention on details. It could be anything that a child loves to do. Be creative and think outside the box - shoot from different sides, from the top, move down to child's level and shoot from the bottom, shoot wide angle or close up. See results!

Here is just few shots of my daughter playing in the park, she is really interested of big tree and branches at the top. I can't help myself and took some shots from different positions and angles. You could see variety, but clicks been done just during 1-2 minutes. And I love her impression, her curious eyes and her movement and still moments. Enjoy this lifestyle series: 

One little girl and a big tree!

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