Photography Walkshops, PhotoWalk and Mentoring in Auckland, New Zealand

I'm happy to announced a few new services that we start to offer at LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY - photography WalkShops | Photowalk and Mentoring |  Coaching in Auckland, New Zealand. Due to many enquiries from friends I decided to make official service and happy to share my knowledge and love of photography with you.

I love to teach people. Actually I have a pedagogical education (worked as geography teacher and lecture in University back in Russia, even study hard enough to get PhD in education - something what I could be proud of :) So I love to teach and know how to do it, in a fun and interesting way, and obviously I have some photoknowledge to share :) 

So here we go - detailed information:

Photography WalksShops | PhotoWalks in Auckland, NZ (individual and group sessions available):

You learn how to use your camera in Manual Mode, how to find the best shot, how to choose the best composition, how to explore and see a beauty in details, and even more! Also you have the opportunity to get stunning portraits at beautiful locations!

Ideal for beginners, intermediate, travellers and people with love of photography! You need your DSLR, comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready to explore and have fun!

Duration - 2 hours.

Price - $250 individual, $125 per person for group sessions (min 2 person required)

Coaching | Mentoring $250

1:1 private sessions online or in-person in the areas of lighting, shooting, creativity, processing, and business. Any levels from beginners to intermediate and higher.

Please contact me for detailed information!