Happy Mother's Day!

I want to say Happy Mother's day to all my friends and clients! It's a special feeling being a mother and to celebrate Mother's day with all mums on the planet. I remembered how special I felt to be a mum on this day for the very first time and get a present from my husband/kids  - some fun cup with picture about shopping (my son was less then one month old at this point and go shopping for me looks like impossible task! Now I have two babies and can go shopping easily! At least food shopping, ha-ha :)

So I want to wish a wonderful day to all Mums, had a lot of positive emotions, get all love and nice surprises from your family! Hope they make you really happy and not only at this day. but every single day! :)

And I just want to remember my last sessions with beautiful Mums and their gorgeous kids. Im so happy you spend such treasured time with me and I'm so pleased to look at these pictures, its something really meaningful for me!

So lets celebrate!