The Secret Revealed: Tales of the Moment - Education for Photographers {Online course | Photography Workshop}

I'm so excited to announce: The Secret Revealed!

Registration is officially OPEN for a project I been working for a year now - "Tales of the Moment: Your Secret Formula for Picture Perfect" with Click Photo School. It's a perfect education for modern photographers working in any genres. This online course include 100+ PDF, two bonus PDFs, 6 shooting videos, 5 editing videos, custom Lightroom presets + my heart and soul!

Learn more at photography workshop registration page.

I would love to have you join! All materials are downloadable and yours to keep. If you snag it in now, before it goes in the store it's not only $10 OFF, but you also get the opportunity to ask me any questions during almost two weeks!

What's Included:

- 100+ pages exclusive Ebook;

- 5 Editing Videos {Lightroom, Photoshop and PhotoMechnic} couples, maternity, newborn, self-portraits;

- 6 Shooting Videos {3 couples & 1 lifestyle newborn | family & personal everyday moments & REAL wedding shot}; 

- 2 BONUS Ebooks:

"In the Moment: a Guide to Couple's Storytelling"

"In the Moment: a Guide to Everyday Family Storytelling"

- 4 of my custom Lightroom Presets and more.

What will you learn?

// SEEING AND USING LIGHT {How Olga uses all types of light to create her images}

// COMPOSITION {How to incorporate different elements of design for stronger composition}

// VISUALIZATION {How to use visualization in your everyday photography to create compelling images}

// STORYTELLING {How to see and shoot through the moment, creating authentic & emotive images}

// CREATING EMOTIVE IMAGES {How to effectively communicate and direct your subjects to create images with heart}

// POST PROCESSING {How Olga finishes her images post-processing using vision and mood}

// PSYCHOLOGY {How to use psychology to create better images}

// FINDING YOUR SWEET SPOT {How to find direction in your photographic journey, refine your style, and stay true to yourself}

Get your copy and learn more at Click Photo School

Join me on this adventure!

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Click Magazine feature {Auckland New Zealand photographer}

Did you look at the last issue of Click Magazine {an international print magazine for the modern photographer}? You can find there two features: breathtaking image with Megan & Chris pre-wedding photo session in Auckland, New Zealand and some words in Wise Up rubric where Im answering on one of the questions about second photographers.

Here is a fast sneak peek, enjoy the publication if you signed up for this beautiful and inspiring magazine for photographers and everyone loving to see beauty and harmony in moments!

If you are interested in your photography development have a look what Im offering at my lifestyle site there wide range of mentoring | tutoring from online session, video website review and portfolio feedback, plus photography business development and Q&A sessions. I happy to share everything I know as an open book!

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

Click Magazine

Contact me with any questions!

Photography Walkshops, PhotoWalk and Mentoring in Auckland, New Zealand

I'm happy to announced a few new services that we start to offer at LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY - photography WalkShops | Photowalk and Mentoring |  Coaching in Auckland, New Zealand. Due to many enquiries from friends I decided to make official service and happy to share my knowledge and love of photography with you.

I love to teach people. Actually I have a pedagogical education (worked as geography teacher and lecture in University back in Russia, even study hard enough to get PhD in education - something what I could be proud of :) So I love to teach and know how to do it, in a fun and interesting way, and obviously I have some photoknowledge to share :) 

So here we go - detailed information:

Photography WalksShops | PhotoWalks in Auckland, NZ (individual and group sessions available):

You learn how to use your camera in Manual Mode, how to find the best shot, how to choose the best composition, how to explore and see a beauty in details, and even more! Also you have the opportunity to get stunning portraits at beautiful locations!

Ideal for beginners, intermediate, travellers and people with love of photography! You need your DSLR, comfortable shoes and clothes and be ready to explore and have fun!

Duration - 2 hours.

Price - $250 individual, $125 per person for group sessions (min 2 person required)

Coaching | Mentoring $250

1:1 private sessions online or in-person in the areas of lighting, shooting, creativity, processing, and business. Any levels from beginners to intermediate and higher.

Please contact me for detailed information!