Follow the lines - Creativity Exercise | Photography Tips

Did you ever put attention to lines on the pictures?

They draw your attention to the main subject, leading in composition, frame and play a big role in photography.

You can see a horizontal, vertical or diagonal and also all mix of these types. 

Creativity exercise today: Follow the lines!

Try to see different types of lines around, include them in the frame and draw attention to your main subject. Its could be leading lines in composition, horizontal/vertical/diagonal lines of surrounding objects or even body lines, arms etc. Even if you not notice lines too much, they are there. Try to incorporate all other sides of photography: watch the light, colours, composition etc. and have fun with post processing, twist the colours and create a black and white images if its speaks to you!

Look at couple of shots what I did today for this creativity exercise while my kids played at playground (when else can I find time for everyday shooting and my 365 Project :)

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