First look with Dad {Auckland-Hamilton wedding-engagement-couples photographer}

First Look is becoming more popular last few years. Its a great way to create a special moment for couples on their wedding day, moment when bride and groom see each other very first time before the ceremony on their wedding day. If couple is more traditional and prefer to see each other right on the ceremony when bride walking down the aisle another option is first look with Brides Dad.

Dads have a special place in each girl's heart so it's a treasured and emotional moment when Dad takes the bride walking down the aisle, but especially when he sees her for the first time right after getting ready before the ceremony. These moments are always full of love and special connection. 

I love to capture all these raw emotions and feelings! It's even more emotional when one person is standing back to walking forward another person (its could be either bride or her father) and they can't see each others faces, but then one turned around it's a magic moment happened, often with some tears (so tense emotions when you waiting for it:).

Enjoy this gallery from Juliette & Jonny's wedding in Castaways Resort, Auckland:

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