17hats for wedding photographers {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photography}

Sometimes having a wedding photography business can be overwhelming: contacts from wedding couples, enquiries, keeping on track with current clients, meetings around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas, organise workflow, contacts with other photographers and vendors etc. Thats why I decided to share with you how 17hats made my life so much easier. Truly amazing transformation! :)

17hats for wedding photographers {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle couples-engagement photography}

1. all my clients base in one place (contacts, emails, phone numbers, addresses);

2. ability to organise different projects for each client;

3. online documentation (life saver!) - quotes, contracts, invoices, wedding questionnaires in one place with ability to create a template;

4. email tracking (you can answer for emails right from 17hats :)

5. todo list | calendar (you can put different events and tasks in the calendar and have a reminder each day);

6. ability to create a workflow and apply it to certain project (I have over 15 todo tasks for each project including contact, meeting with clients, send questionnaire, scout wedding location, prepare equipment, send an invoice, check last minute changes in wedding day timeline, check address, get directions, post a sneak peek on Facebook, send link on online wedding gallery, post USB and print | products etc). You see its a lot to remember and can be hard to keep on track with few weddings in a row and future (next year) enquiries :)

7. bookkeeping (I just love the ability to connect business account to 17hats and categorise all income and spends, my accountant loves it too :)

8. ability to send clients galleries etc.

Im sure there a lot of other opportunities what I still need to discover. I just can tell you 17hats became a game changer for me during last few months what Im using it and Im happy with everything.

I need to mention there another systems for clients bases and keep on track as Pixifi, Tave etc. Im sure people who are using them happy with everything. So its just matter to try and find out what interface suits you the best.

Hope this blog post will be useful for my friends photographers, as I see a lot of discussions and questions in local photographers groups about how to keep all documentation and track clients base etc.

Contact me with any questions! I like open book and happy to help :)