Photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding-engagement photographer}

Everyone have unique character and personality: some of us easy going open people, some naturally shy, especially with unknown people. I decided to put together a few photography tips for shy couples on the wedding day, which really important for me as a photographer {serving destination weddings all around New Zealand: Auckland, Northland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and surrounding areas}.

Its always hard to relax in front of camera and know what to do {believe me I just did 5 years anniversary self-portrait with my husband and it was so hard to understand what to do when we can't see ourself from the side}. It was a mess! Thats why good to choose photographer who you can truly trust and who can direct you.

This trust can be build on engagement session beforehand {so you already have experience together, understand each other and how you are roll :)} or at pre-wedding consultation {when you can have a chat not just about the wedding, but about pretty much everything and find common interest and feel the connection}. I always try to understand couples personalities and their needs, had a meeting or good talk via the phone and sending a wedding Questionnaire with some personal questions beforehand.

couples engagement beach sunset photo shoot {Piha - Auckland wedding photographer}

Also remember - its natural to be stiff in front of camera first 15-20 min {believe me everyone having this experience}, thats why you need to allow yourself enough time on intimate session along from the guests {i would recommend at least 1-1.5 hours - add extra time for more locations}.

As a photographer I would suggest for shy couples more actions - mix of posed and unposed shots, interaction including chatting with each other and photographer {walking together, sitting relaxing, telling each other what they thought at first meeting, what they most exciting about, laughing, breath each others in etc.

couples - engagement pre-wedding photo shoot {Piha- Auckland New Zealand wedding photographer}

And last tip - just enjoy the moment, you just married, so happiness naturally shining through your eyes and everyone around can feel it {camera too ;)}! 

Enjoy these moments together and don't forget to have fun! I will be there for you :)

photography tips for shy couples {New Zealand lifestyle wedding photographer}

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