Positive Friday - Inspiration {Auckland wedding photographer}

Hi everyone! Today is a positive Friday {at least for me :) ) and its time to share with you some inspirational moments. I met a lot of awesome people while been shooting weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and pretty much all New Zealand! As a photographer and artist I feel really emotional when people sharing with me their feelings. Its understandable when we had a great experience together.

But this time I received absolutely unexpected message which made my day. This little act of inspiration was really important and come at right time as you often questioning yourself and what you are doing.

This message was sent through my website wedding inquiries and come from Angie. Hope she not mind me to share her simple words. She said: "I just wanted to say... your photography is completely gorgeous. You are incredible!"

Thats just amazing that someone look at my work and stop by to say some words of encouragement. Im really appreciate these kind words and its make me think Im on the right track ;) Its amazing sign of kindness that someone took time to contact just to say positive words.

I hope we will be saying more and more positive words to each other more often and try to help, and support. Who knows maybe person next to you really needs these words of encouragement and its a perfect timing, at least its make them feel better and maybe smile :)

Thanks again Angie! You truly made my day and motivate to think about things.

Beautiful Maria, dance photo shoot

Beautiful Maria, dance photo shoot

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