How to choose wedding photographer {Auckland couples-engagement photography}

Choosing a wedding photographer one of the most exciting parts of the wedding planning! Its feels so important and so right when you found a good fit. So how to choose wedding photographer for your couple?

I will talk about few steps which feels really important to me as a lifestyle wedding photographer.

1. Wedding Portfolio.

Check wedding photography portfolio - best photographs which represents photographer's style, favourite things to shoot, editing preferences {some of us love airy light images, another ones draw to moody dark atmosphere, or even do mix of both depending on session}. 

2. Check full wedding galleries.

You checked best images in photographer's portfolio, now time to see a full wedding from start to finish { getting ready, ceremony, formals, intimate bride and groom session, reception etc.}. You can find full weddings in the Blog or contact photographer via email and ask for pass online complete wedding galleries.

You can see how we capture moments, emotions, details, posed shots, unposed images etc. Its truly represent the ability to keep it up during this hectic day and produce amazing images which speaks from the heart.

3. One of the most important - Connection.

Get in touch with photographer and check the connection, communication and mobility {Im trying to answer for inquiries as soon as possible, often during first few hours}, but please allow a couple of days delay, especially on weekends, as we can be away on the road at destination wedding. :)

Sometimes really hard to get a personality via email especially if English not a mother tongue {I love to catch up with my awesome clients for cup of tea / coffee, have a chat and discuss their wedding plans}. We usually build a good trust and its make us feel comfortable during the wedding day {photographer the only one person who all the time with you without any minute of break, so its important to find the right person, feel relaxed and comfortable}.

4. Last but not least - Packages and Pricing.

Please contact photographer to find out pricing details and collections {how many hours, how many photographers, if there engagement session included, any prints | products what you would like to add}. Feel free to share your wedding plans and needs as a lot of photographers can create a custom package which best suits your needs.

For example I working in a team with my husband and have options with one or two photographers on the day, coverage from elopements with capturing just ceremony and bride and groom intimate session to full day packages including engagement - pre-wedding session and album + wall fine art print. There options for every couple!

You found your dream photographer, but can't afford your dream package? Still get in touch, tell about your wedding plans and planning date. There always a chance you can find the compromise as your wedding sounds just amazing and photographer in love with your couples personalities {you can also order prints | products when you discover your images, or make its a part of wedding registry}.

Follow your gut and go with the flow! Good luck with your wedding planning!

bride and groom under veil {Auckland wedding photographer} couples photography

Please contact me with any questions that you might have!