Personal lifestyle pictures. My 365 Project. June. Family and Wedding photographer LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

June - is the first month of the winter. Its come with colder weather and some rain, but still beautiful for pictures (no matter - inside or outside). 

Some of them just my kids in the house, at playgroups, at the beach and with other lifestyle moments and activities; others from clients/friends sessions.

I love to move through this images and remember again all these treasured moments, especially my personal family ones.

I promise to print a book at the end of the year and see all pictures together. Yes, thats my plan :)

Daily shooting became really easy, I'm just used to it. But I remember how hard it was at the start :) Nothings impossible if you really want something, practicing and progressing on this way. Lucky bonus - your live memories in images! Thats a treasure!