My everyday personal moments in 365 Project - October {Hamilton - Waikato family-wedding photographer}

Excited to share with you my recent photos - everyday personal candid moments with kids and family in 365 Project around Hamilton, Waikato and Auckland. Kids had lots of fun in October, such a great mont. For me as a mum and wedding photographer its such a treasured moments, they allow me to remember milestones in kids journey and development and also practice and progress with my photography, always have camera ready for moment to happen!

Also big news of the month - we done our first in 5 years!!! family photo shoot with Anne Paar {Anne Paar Photography} in Raglan beach, it was exciting experience {of course kids been running wild with a true freedom spirit, but we are expected it! Our photographer been full of patience! Thank you Anne for this sneak peek!

Anne Paar Photography

Anne Paar Photography

Enjoy these lifestyle everyday moments and let me know if you have any questions!

Personal everyday moments - September 2017 {Hamilton-Waikato family photographer}

Time goes so fast, but there always some moments what worth to remember, everyday personal moments with family and kids.

I pull out some photographs about our life and memories in Hamilton, Waikato. Enjoy these everyday highlights and see how active my little ones:

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Best of personal everyday moments in 365 Project - February 2017 {Hamilton lifestyle family photographer}

Exciting month and new events, emotions and photographs in my personal 365 project where Im documenting my everyday moments with kids | family, practice and keep going on :) February 2017 been amazing, we spend some time in Hamilton, some in Gisborne, Leigh, Auckland and surrounding areas as I been moving through busy wedding season and also spend as much time as I could with my family.

Enjoy this highlights with my active children, these natural moments are messy, beautiful and definitely worth to remember!

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Personal everyday moments - October 2016 - 365 Project {New Zealand family-wedding photography}

Hi everyone! Another months gone, really close to the end of the year now and to Christmas time {and to busy wedding season for me as well ;) }.

Im keep doing my 365 Project and capturing everyday moments with my kids and family. m happy to share these moments with you and give you a little inside view to my personal life. Yes, I have two little ones and they can be a real nightmare sometimes but at the same moment you can see so many treasured moments and relief. 

Enjoy this gallery with best moments of October 2016 in my 365 Project {its actually more not a project for me, but family storytelling and capturing treasured moments, how they grow, explore world and its also allow me to be creative, practice {experimenting} and progress in my photography journey. Photography and my family are my life!}

Need to say this month was just amazing with few engagement | couples photo shoots in Kumeu, Piha {Auckland, NZ} and Hamiton Gardens {Hamilton, New Zealand}, wedding | elopement in Tree Church {Ohaupo, Waikato} and a lot of personal shooting!

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One little day in Tauranga - personal everyday moments {Hamilton NZ wedding photographer} 365 Project

I just realised I not shared any of my personal work lately. I still keep doing 365 Project (which transferred more into 52 Project, as sometimes I just don't had any ability to shoot, wedding season started :) As a photographer and mum I really enjoying to capture some special for me moments as this one with play light and shade black and white from recent photographs in September.

Sisters in cafe

Sisters in cafe

Or just sweet simple moments - portraits as this one (something special for each mum - kids smile):

Spidergirl portrait

Spidergirl portrait

Back to our subject - last weekend we had the opportunity to have a little day trip out from Hamilton to Tauranga to visit our friends with their new baby and went to the Mt Maunganui beach. It was amazing time, warm enough for kids to run in the waves (lucky we always have spare clothes in car :), play with the sand and climbing up the rocks.

Of course we had cameras with us and me with my husband captured some moments around. What a great time with kids!

Enjoy this gallery!

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Boy on the bike track {New Zealand lifestyle photographer}

We had a beautiful place for a walk near our house - a bike track at reserve, kids just love it and I love it too! There so beautiful light coming through the trees just before the sunset.

I know, I know what you think, but Im not just a mom, Im a lifestyle wedding photographer so Im always seeking for light, locations, composition. You just see the moments and can't help yourself and just capture it. Of course if you have your camera ready :)

So here we go, fresh gallery with my 4 years old son for difference (yes, big boy now, just turned this big date, one year to go till school time! eek).

Enjoy this gallery and don't put attention on mud on his face and on the clothes, I not clone it out as its just part of the story - walking on the track just after heavy rain :)

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Timeless photographs {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding-family photographer}

Sometimes photographs what you captured have some timeless feeling. You don't know why but they deeply speaks to you as photographer. Its can be a colour or shape, emotion or atmosphere, lines or composition, or something else what hard to describe. I found out black and white images often feels stronger connect to what I want to see in the my art.

Im doing my 365 Project and capture everyday lifestyle moments with my family and kids. Its a family storytelling in between of wedding photo shoots around Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga areas :) This part of my personal photography projects is really important to me.

This time I captured how kids had fun after pre-school colouring on the concrete drive way. They enjoyed it and I used the opportunity to capture these moments with my Lensbaby, which gave the opportunity to be more creative and get really interesting shots with timeless feeling to them. Its not so easy to get right focus (there absolutely manual control), but its let you to feel the camera and lens and get some retro and timeless feeling to it what I really love! :)

Enjoy this gallery with my little ones!

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Taitua Arboretum: family time {Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

We decided to spent this weekend family time in Taitua Arboretum, not far from Hamilton (Waikato). What a fun time for our little ones! 

Kids just loved walking through the bushes, seen chickens everywhere, ducks and swans in the ponds and tall trees everywhere.

It was a boiling hot summer day, so its been a lifesaver to hide in the shade of the greenery around.

Love to capture these everyday lifestyle moments for my 365 project and family storytelling (its a treasure for me as a mum and a photographer). 

Enjoy this lifestyle gallery with my personal moments how little ones explore Taitua Arboretum! (don't be surprised to see an Ironman with Spiderman hat, he just loves superheroes!) :)

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Hot day in Hamilton Gardens {Personal family moments - Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

It was a hot day and our family decided spend it in Hamilton gardens. We had a picnic on the lake, walk around the gardens, kids been happy to explore surroundings and even found a little swimming pool. What a treasure at this warm weather!

I had my camera nearby and captured some lifestyle everyday moments for family storytelling, memories and my 365 Project. Yes, I keep going with it second year in a row :) 

All kids had a wet clothes when we come back to the car, but everyone been happy, especially with ice block in the hands, ha-ha!

Enjoy this gallery!

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Best of my 365 Project 2015 {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

Its just amazing how many positive and enjoyable moments happened during this year, which I document in my 365 Project.

It also let me practice, grow and progress in my photography and capture family storytelling, everyday moments with kids. These all such a treasured lifestyle moments.

I love to look back through the galleries. Hope you enjoy it too!

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The Knott Family | Auckland Domain Photography Session {Waikato-Bay of Plenty photographer}

Auckland Domain is a beautiful place for taking pictures: big park with big old trees, lakes, Wintergardens, big fields and Museum as well. So popular for family time, sport exercise or relaxing time.

This morning we decide to have a family session with the Knott family: Amie, Steve, handsome and active Zach (8 years old) and gorgeous wee boy Jake (just turned 1 year old). This family is one of the winners of my Winter Giveaway (what I been running on Facebook to say a Big Thank you for all my followers for support and love). I was so happy to met this lucky family and we all had fun together!

It was an unforgettable time: climbing up on the trees, feeding ducks at the lake, running under the rain, walking around, had a picnic, feeding baby, have fun, a lots of hugs, smiles, jokes, laughing - warming moments. Weather been kind to us. We till the last moment been thinking about reschedule the session, but then bravely decided to try it, and there was just fast little rain, what not ruined our plans and we managed to finish a session on positive note.

Thank you so much guys for share with me your family moments!

See you soon!

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Fun in Chipmunks playland | Family lifestyle photoS | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

What big fun we had this morning at Chipmunks play land and cafe

Kids been running around, climbing, playing and sliding. What a good time for little ones without big kids around (while they at school), all zone belongs to them :) Its so nice for parents just keep eye on kids and just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or have a chat with other parents, or take a few shots with my camera like I did :) ha-ha! 

Camera almost every day with me and my 365 Project motivate me to find new creativity sides and angles, se beauty in everyday moments and treasure them forever. Kids will grow up but pictures will stay :) I adore it!

Have a look at this few pics with my little ones having fun:

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Personal lifestyle pictures. My 365 Project. June. Family and Wedding photographer LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

June - is the first month of the winter. Its come with colder weather and some rain, but still beautiful for pictures (no matter - inside or outside). 

Some of them just my kids in the house, at playgroups, at the beach and with other lifestyle moments and activities; others from clients/friends sessions.

I love to move through this images and remember again all these treasured moments, especially my personal family ones.

I promise to print a book at the end of the year and see all pictures together. Yes, thats my plan :)

Daily shooting became really easy, I'm just used to it. But I remember how hard it was at the start :) Nothings impossible if you really want something, practicing and progressing on this way. Lucky bonus - your live memories in images! Thats a treasure!

Windy Photos at Kariotahi beach. Family lifestyle photographer LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

What a fun time we had this morning at Kariotahi beach for spend some family time and capture beautiful lifestyle moments for my 365 Project (luckily camera was with me!)

What else could boys dream about: wind, sand, freedom! My little one just explore everything around, jumps from the hill, run forward the ocean, laying and playing in the sand, climbing up high. Just a paradise for boys!

Have a look at our candid pictures. I just love this spirit and atmosphere:

My 365 Project. April. Auckland lifestyle family and wedding photographer

One more month in 365 Project. One more milestone. One more achievement.

Its become natural to take a pictures every day, looking for new opportunities, angles, new emotions and stories.

If last month was about to see beauty in details, this month for me about simplicity and consistency. Just a quiet month full of different moments - excitement and quiet feelings. It's interesting to look back and see what done for this month.

It's me, it's my story and my progress.

Mother-Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

What is so special about mother-daughter relationships?

It’s the love and the sweetness of the two souls that are connected with each other. Each woman who became a mother understands it. When you gave birth to a baby (no matter – a boy or a girl) your life changes and sometimes you have no idea how huge this change is!

I love doing lifestyle photoshoots when you could capture real life, like a documentary, to tell a story, to capture everyday moments that we treasure forever - how kids are playing, eating, drawing, how they are reading a book with parents, sitting together, laughing, giving each other a hug, singing a song and having fun.

That’s why I’ve been really happy and excited to do a lifestyle family photo shoot for Inga with her gorgeous daughter Mia at their place. Really wonderful moments together! It was amazing time and experience, I totally loved how pictures turned out!

Enjoy it step by step.

portrait babyMother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}
on the deck
reading book
Mother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}
Mother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}
Mother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}
mother and daughter
Mother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}
in the woods


My favourite picture from this set - Mother and Daughter in the wood:

Mother -Daughter family photographs - 1 year sweet baby girl {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

Thank you Inga and Mia for wonderful time together!

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How to shoot everyday moments. Photography tips. Auckland family photographer

Hello ! Today we will talk about shooting everyday moments - your life, your family, your lifestyle or maybe your special moments. I believe we should treasure every moment like special, but sometimes we have particularly special moments – like on a wedding day or catching baby’s first smiles, first steps, or first impression when travelling around a new country or an unusual place.

It’s a lot to talk about, so let’s concentrate on main tips and everyday moments - personal, family, social.

1. Have the camera ready! Sounds simple, but we really often don't have it with us and easily miss a moment what we want to capture. If you don't have a camera you can always use your mobile phone. I'm so used to my camera with 365 Project (Daily shooting), so I forget about my mobile that I can easily use too! :)

2. Know your camera. Believe me you should have time to work out how to shoot in different settings - manual, shutter speed priority, aperture priority or other ones, single or continuous shooting (good for moving subjects), focus points etc. Take a peek in your camera manual. For example if you are shooting moving subjects (kids, sport etc) you could use shutter speed priority and choose it not less than 1/125-1/250 sec, faster sometimes even better. :)

Aperture priority  good if you want a blurred background (f 1,4-2.8 - what I like) or make it clear (over 3.5 etc.). Of course it’s just a general tip, you can use special calculators that show you how much space will be in focus depending from the distance to a subject, f-stop etc. And you can just practice and work it out beforehand.

3. Watch for the light! Light makes pictures special. You obviously don’t want to shoot on a really bright sun, but if you have to then watch for deep shadows and hot spots on the face and for subject not blow away on the picture, you can also use covered spaces (open or covered shade, good to have sun from the side or back of the subject), morning and afternoon time are much nicer and give more diffused light. I especially appreciate the Golden hour - beautiful light just after sunrise and before sunset.

Window light is good to use when you are working at home with your family everyday moments, you can just use best light in your house (sun at the opposite side of the house) and position your subject at the end of the window or a little bit further (where it’s not too bright), also you could put additional blinds or open them for more light if you need it.



Of course when we talk about kids, it’s hard to imagine we could position a toddler at any spot, we just need follow them, watch the light and choose the best side and position to shoot, be flexible and changeable. So move to next tip:

4. Be ready for changes! Situation changes really fast and you need to be the same – fast! And go with the flow.

5. Use different angles and sides. Use different angles and sides. You see the shot what you want, you are ready, you get it - click! Don't be so fast, look from the other side, direction, perspective, angle. Maybe you missed something important. Practice a lot and you will get your best shot!

Here is my recent shoot for today, when my little one was drawing at the table. I love how concentrated she was on her task!


6. Look outside the box, be creative! This one connects with the previous one. You took pictures from all sides. Have you tired from the top, and bottom too? Did you move out from your comfort zone and did something unusual for you? You should!

7. Picture in details! You are shooting a scene and you see the picture, its great! But what is the special part of this picture that created this feeling? Emotions on the faces at a sport game, hands and rings at the wedding, little kids fingers and toes, baby's smile etc. Also you can photograph details and decorations of the event that make you move back in memories when you look at pictures in 5-10 and more years.

8. Share your pictures - print them out and arrange into albums, show them to friend and family (I’m hopeless - still haven’t printed my one, But I promise I will do!), share on Internet - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, just show, share, discuss them with friends, get some feedback. See which one you like. And I want give you an advice - take part in 365 Project - daily photos for a year. It’s a personal project and it motivates you to shoot everyday and capture you life. I’m happy I decided to do it this year (not that easy, but I love it! and it’s great to have support and ideas from other participants). It’s actually really hard to choose the best pictures. They are all yours, you like them all! But just try to choose one or two a day, share it and then after some time see if you still like it, see how your style changes, how your shooting subject changes, and how you grow. So it’s not only memories, it’s your photography journey!

There are so many other tips and questions so - Just Do It! Go and capture real life moments, shoot every day, enjoy it, document your life, do family storytelling. Doesn't matter how professional your pictures are – it’s YOUR voice, your story, your life.

And you will Progress with Practice, move forward step by step. And I’m happy to be with you on this journey! Just ask if you have any questions. :)

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My 365 Project. February. Daily photo.

It's so important to document your everyday moments, capture family storytelling. And its  also  push you to progress to be a better photographer.

Its not so easy to find something new to shoot (every single day) and get more interesting angles, composition, light. But its made you looking for something special, what speak to you, what show something YOURS at this exact moment.

Its your STORY, your VOICE, your IDEAS, and your LIFE!

Here my February daily pictures (some black and white, some colour, some clients shots, some family, and a little bit of everything! Thats my story!

family pictures
lifestyle photography
365 photo project
little monkey jumping on the bed
My wedding photo shoot from yesterday. Just can't walk away with one picture for 365 Project :)  Look forward to next month!   Lifestyle photography    Wedding photography    Couples photography    Family photography

My wedding photo shoot from yesterday. Just can't walk away with one picture for 365 Project :)

Look forward to next month!

Lifestyle photography

Wedding photography

Couples photography

Family photography