Bride getting ready {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding-couples-engagement photographer}

One of the most exciting part of the wedding day for me is bride getting ready - it's start of the day, start of wedding story and I also love to capture lifestyle moments behind the scene :) Im doing weddings around Auckland, Hamilton and surrounding areas and most of the time couples want to capture these special getting ready moments for complete the story of their wedding day.

Bride with her bridesmaids having fun, laughing, eating their breakfast, relaxing after late night :) Capturing lifestyle moments around and some portraits before putting dresses on. Details: veil, dress, rings, jewellery, other accessories, shoes - all items what been thoughtfully chosen with love for wedding day. 

Then time for putting dress on, bridesmaids or bride's mother taking big part in helping the bride, its so special atmosphere!

Bride along portraits and capture moments with bridesmaids. Its usually one of the most beautiful portraits from the wedding day!

Then rush, pick up all items and move towards the car for meet groom on ceremony site, so exciting moments.

Enjoy this gallery from my recent weddings around Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga and surroundings areas. Im so in love with my beautiful stunning brides!


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Castaways Resort - Kariotahi beach wedding {Auckland lifestyle couples-engagement photographer} Juliette and John

What a beautiful wedding in Castaways Resort (Kariotahi beach, Auckland) I been captured with Juliette & Jonny; just amazing couple and meant to be with each other. I been shooting their engagement party in April last year; what a warm and cosy atmosphere it was. I been really thrilled to be invited to capture their special wedding day!

It's even more meaningful for me because Juliette is my very first friend that I met in New Zealand in my first year when I joined ice skating coffee club (I been doing figure skating for 5 years back in Russia :). She is a presenter at Radio New Zealand concert. We both love ice skating, dance and more :) it was a big honour to capture these beautiful moments for this stunning couple.

Juliette & Jonny met each other on tropical island on holidays few years ago and thought they never met again, but it was destiny :) Jonny moved to Auckland and started to work just few buildings over from Juliette's office and they met each other again and together forever from this point :) They have amazing story of relationship (there even been a moment when Juliette drove to rescue him in Northland where he was diving, luckily all finished good, but it was really strong check of their relationship). This couple meant to be with each other!

Creative team what made this wedding so special:

Dress: Parkland Bridal & Shirley from I Sew 4 U- Dressmaking & Alterations
Makeup: Catherine Campbell Make Up
Hair: Sam Graham from Framed Hair & Beauty
Shoes: Trousseau - bridal & evening shoes
Cake: Isabelle Edmonds
Flowers: Rosemary McNoe
Band: Twistin’ The Swing
and Levien & Lens Photography ;)

Day started from getting ready moments in nice Castaways chalet with amazing views to the ocean, what a great place to be! It was emotional moments with first look with Juliette's dad and time with all her close family and 3 bridesmaids (one of them Rosemary is Juliette's sister, she also made gorgeous flowers bouquets for bridal party: need to mentioned other sister Catherine created make-up for her, what great family support!). Juliette's veil is very special and kept in family for a few generations, what a beautiful tradition!

Then we moved towards St Anthony's Catholic Church in Waiuku, Auckland where wedding ceremony was held. It's such a beautiful place with nice Christmas display and warm atmosphere. Music and amazing, singing made this ceremony special as well. Scotland national music finalist at the wedding with couple walking down the aisle as husband and wife! 

We not missed the family formals after the ceremony, it was a big fun with so many relatives from both sides and also little ones - nieces and nephews (8 kids in total!).

Then became time to have rest and relax on the top of beautiful hills near Kariotahi beach, where we made bridal party shots and intimate session for bride and groom. Amazing views, beautiful landscapes and couple's emotions and connection made this location shoot really special. I love to give my couple time to be themselves and get a peaceful moment in between of this hectic day :)

Reception been held in Castaways Resort Restaurant on the top of the hill with stunning views, where we get a chance to sneak to a few shots before the sunset in between of speeches, cake cutting and first dance.

What beautiful memories!

Congratulations Juliette & Jonny! Happy future together!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

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Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Its really important to choose a right place to your big wedding day. Each location should have a special meaning to the you and made makes celebration moments unforgettable.

It's a lot of different options in Auckland, Waikato and Bay of Plenty areas, indoors and outdoors (could be handy to do a rain check and have a back up plan ;)

Traditional wedding ceremonies are held in a church / registry office / hotel. I always enjoy to hear stories that couple choose the church where their parents been married. Its such treasured connection between generations, what great family traditions.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Outdoor locations had a lot of variety, especially in New Zealand: beach, domain, winery, gardens,  farm, park, bush, golf course, resort etc. So many different options! Summer is almost all the year around with high plus temperature so its really tempting to organise picturesque ceremony/reception in the beautiful nature side. I just love to capture these natural light beautiful moments.

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

Other option what I often see with small family weddings - ceremony and reception at parents house with BBQ in the garden area. Thats so sweet memories as well.

So what type of wedding location close to you, where you want to celebrate your engagement and have fun with close to you people / family? It's all up to you! I'm happy to capture for you all these special moments with relax, natural style. I love to show raw emotions and connection!

Wedding Location {Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty NZ couples | engagement photographer}

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