Auckland maternity photo shoot {pregnancy-baby-newborn photographer} forest+beach

Im so excited to share with you my recent Auckland maternity photo shoot with Charlotte and Fares. Its so special experience to photograph a pregnancy, couple who expecting their little baby-newborn. Its a big honour for me as photographer to document these special moments!

Couple shared their story: “We met in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in October 2009 on a night out with friends. We've been together since, and got married in March 2016 in Hawke's Bay.” Proposal: “I was living and working back in New Zealand at the time, while Fares was still in Abu Dhabi.  Being a flight attendant, I was working on a flight to Australia and back. Having just completed the first sector we had just started boarding the flight back to Auckland when I was asked to come help at the boarding door. I get to the door and that’s when I look up and see Fares standing there (All on film – ground staff were filming). Shocked I just burst into tears with happiness to see him, little did I know that he was actually about to get down on one knee!  He had made a long journey from Abu Dhabi, to Singapore, to Brisbane and then finally caught my flight from Sydney to surprise me. Luckily I said yes….It would have been an awkward flight back if I had said no! ;)   “ Such a beautiful and emotional moments!

Enjoy these highlights from couple session in Riverhead forest and Muriwai Beach {Auckland}!

Winter maternity session in Auckland {New Zealand wedding-family photographer}

I just love to shoot winter maternity session as this one with Charlotte and Farres. Couple come over to Auckland - New Zealand from Abu-Dhabi. Its such a honour for me, wedding and family photographer, to capture so special for this couple moments!

Its so exciting to create these treasured memories of expecting a little miracle. We went to Riverhead Forest and Muriwai Beach, and had such amazing time at stunning New Zealand landscapes.

Enjoy these highlights of sneak peek! Cant wait to move through their final gallery!

Everyday Moments - Family Time {Auckland lifestyle kids - newborn photographer}

You might know very well my wedding and couples | engagement work, but do you know that I also love to shoot different personal projects and document my everyday moments - family time with my little kids and also had sessions as a newborn - baby - maternity photographer {I totally  have only limited spaces available for these lifestyle sessions, as most of my time dedicated to my wedding clients and family ;) }

I decided to put together a gallery with my everyday moments during last few months, including our Zoo trip, holidays up North and daily routine.

Enjoy this highlights with my little ones!

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Newborn photo shoot in Auckland {New Zealand family-baby-wedding photographer}

I'm so excited to share with you my recent newborn photo shoot in Auckland. I always thrilled to be invited to capture such a special for every family moments as welcoming this baby in the world. Im mostly known as a wedding photographer in New Zealand, but I as a mum of three little ones I always enjoying to document family moments.

Need to mentioned this gorgeous family are my constant clients, and we already became a good friends. I captured moments with their first born baby boy, then one year birthday party and now their second gorgeous baby. Such a honour to be a family historian! Its was a pleasure to see grandparents again {coming over from Russia to support this young family}.

Enjoy these beautiful moments in video slideshow and photo gallery:

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The Secret Revealed: Tales of the Moment - Education for Photographers {Online course | Photography Workshop}

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photography workshop | education for photographers | online course

Personal everyday moments - October 2016 - 365 Project {New Zealand family-wedding photography}

Hi everyone! Another months gone, really close to the end of the year now and to Christmas time {and to busy wedding season for me as well ;) }.

Im keep doing my 365 Project and capturing everyday moments with my kids and family. m happy to share these moments with you and give you a little inside view to my personal life. Yes, I have two little ones and they can be a real nightmare sometimes but at the same moment you can see so many treasured moments and relief. 

Enjoy this gallery with best moments of October 2016 in my 365 Project {its actually more not a project for me, but family storytelling and capturing treasured moments, how they grow, explore world and its also allow me to be creative, practice {experimenting} and progress in my photography journey. Photography and my family are my life!}

Need to say this month was just amazing with few engagement | couples photo shoots in Kumeu, Piha {Auckland, NZ} and Hamiton Gardens {Hamilton, New Zealand}, wedding | elopement in Tree Church {Ohaupo, Waikato} and a lot of personal shooting!

Contact me with any questions!

New baby girl {Auckland lifestyle newborn-family photographer}

What a special event - having a new baby girl in the family! I had a great pleasure to capture these treasured moments for a family. Our lifestyle newborn session been hold in their home - Pukekohe {Auckland, NZ}.

It was so great pleasure to see this family again as I been doing their couples session last year and maternity photo shoot just few months ago. Im so happy to get a repeat clients / friend, its a great honour people trust me to capture so special for them events, to be a family photographer.

Enjoy this video and gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Gorgeous baby boy in home session {Hamilton NZ lifestyle family-newborn photographer}

What a beautiful lifestyle session in home I been captured at morning in Hamilton, NZ. Congratulations to Chou family on having a gorgeous baby boy!

Such a pleasure to capture so special for family moments, especially with two little siblings {2 and 4 years old}, they been so happy to play with their little brother. I have kids similar age so know exactly how its feels to operate such a big family, hands full! Especially when you have a new baby!

I also loved to see special connection between parents and kids, and also special guest in their place, a grandma. Its so treasured memories!

Enjoy this video and gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Beauty of Beach maternity {Auckland-Hamilton-Tauranga lifestyle wedding-couples-engagement photographer}

Maternity photography is so special: expecting a little miracle, feeling all the beauty of these moments. It's so exciting! I'm specialise in lifestyle wedding photography and always happy when my couples come back to me asking to do for them maternity or newborn | kids photo shoot, it's so treasured moments and a big pleasure for me :).

Last weekend we spent with my last year awesome couples clients - Olga and Martin and their 3 years old daughter Maddy. They expecting second baby girl and decided to remember these special moments. The session took place on Kariotahi beach, Auckland. Olga been brave enough to move into the wild waves on the beach after some family shots.

Sunset was so beautiful and pictures turned just amazing!

Enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Sweet 1 year boy birthday party {Hamilton event photographer}

Lincoln just a perfect baby boy, I been happy to capture his one year birthday party in Hamilton. What a special event for his parents and their close friends.

Its always feels so special to celebrate kids first year in this world, they grow so fast (first you counting days from their birth, then weeks, month and years finally :) Its such a treasured moments!

We spent a great time at birthday boy's house on first day where family's friends joined the celebration and in "Good George" pub on another day. It was amazing atmosphere! I been happy to capture lifestyle moments on this event and some portraits with Linconl's family and their Taiwan and Kiwi friends with their babies and toddlers ;)

Enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Whangaparaoa beach birthday party {Event-family-kids photographer Auckland-Hamilton NZ}

I love to shoot weddings, but also happy to capture all other special events - treasured moments for each family - newborn, kids, birthday parties. I drove to Whangaparaoa {Auckland} few weeks ago to capture a beautiful 1 year old boy's birthday party.

This trip from Hamilton to Auckland was special for me because just half year ago I been doing this gorgeous boy 6 month baby lifestyle photo shoot at Lake Tarawera {Rotorua}. I love to travel to clients sessions around the North and South Island and capture treasured for them moments. Sometimes clients want to keep pictures private and I absolutely respect their privacy (it's a personal choice), but I always excited to share some pictures from session for give everyone a feel of my style and how I love to shoot. This time I had permission to share a few pictures with you, what Im doing right away :)

We captured some beach family pictures before the party and then joined big family celebration with so warm and enjoyable atmosphere!

Enjoy a few pictures from this Whangaparaoa beach birthday party!

Contact me with any questions!


Little one having fun in the bath {Hamilton lifestyle family-kids photographer}

It's a real treasure to capture everyday moments with kids. Today my little one (3 years old boy) had some fun in our bath and I used this opportunity to shoot these lifestyle family moments.

Im a mum but I also a photographer who looks at beautiful life, atmosphere, emotions and moments!

Enjoy this few pics from my little one's morning fun! 

Happy New Year! Best lifestyle-wedding photographs {Auckland-Hamilton documentary couples-family photographer}

Hello everyone!

Hope you having a great holidays!

I just want to wish you a Happy New Year and share with you our best lifestyle moments - couples-engagement , wedding-elopement , and family-kids-baby-newborn sessions what I been capture in 2014 year.

It was an amazing year with a lot of positive emotions. Thank you for share with me your special moments!

Enjoy this gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


Sweet baby girl baptism ceremony {Hamilton family-event photographer} Cathedral of the blessed Virgin Mary

What a special family moments I been captured last weekend - sweet baby girl Victoria baptism ceremony in Hamilton Cathedral of the blessed Virgin Mary. 

Victoria is a brave little girl and kept really well through the ceremony. It was such special lifestyle moments for all her family (mama Marina, papa Rowen, big brother Daniel, god parents and all relatives who joined this day our gorgeous girl.

Enjoy this baptism ceremony gallery!

Contact me with any questions!


My style | Lifestyle wedding photographer | Auckland-Waikato-Bay of Plenty photography

People often asking me what means lifestyle photography, Why I'm doing lifestyle pictures, is it mean Im not doing portraits at all?

So lets talk about it and bring it all out, so it will be easier for you to understand what to expect from me, my photography services, and your final pictures :)

1. Lets start from definition. Yes, I know it sounds boring, but will give us a base for our thoughts.

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people on situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday (Wikipedia).

So I'm capturing, documenting moments and people in situations in an artistic manner, bring the art into your everyday moments.

You can ask me: Is it just documentary style and capturing all stuff around? No, its much more. I am not just capturing what I see, I am creating an art, I find the beauty in all these moments - what speaks to me and I hope what I created will speak to you, and mean a lot to you!

2. Weddings | Events. If I'm shooting your wedding or another important event I am capturing all natural moments through the day, If you laughing I will capture that, If you are crying I will capture that too.

St Matthews Church wedding

St Matthews Church wedding

I will do posed moments as well (as family portraits or intimate session for bride and groom), but I will do it natural and happy way so everyone will really enjoy it and have a positive experience with "happy family" pictures :)

Family pictures on Lisa's 21st Birthday Party

Family pictures on Lisa's 21st Birthday Party

As for moments for bride and groom they will be based on your personalities, story and naturally relaxing for you. There will be posed shots and unposed and intimate as well. If your a fun loving couple we will have a lot of fun and can create even dynamic, a little bit crazy pictures, if you prefer to have your quiet moments of happiness I will do my best to capture it in romantic editorial style. All these moments really speak to me, then I'm creating and telling your story through the art of the lens! 

Daria & Dmitry

Daria & Dmitry



If we're in getting ready moments and there a lot of stuff around (make-up, bags and all other items) I will do my best to create pictures that focus on the main subjects, of course will take some details shots, which form part of the story and maybe even show with wide angle lens all these mess and people around. But also I will try to use blocking and framing for get artistry shots of you and people around even in these hectic conditions! :)

I love to capture raw emotions, candid moments, details what is a part of your story and all these connection and love between two of you, its just magic moments!

3. Newborns, family and kids.

I'm a mum of two little ones, they are so active and cute and little nightmares sometimes. I realised how important and treasured every moment of their and our life together, how fast they grow, and how important for us to remember these moments.

I'm doing 365 project this year and documenting my everyday moments with kids and family. It's fun, interesting, sometimes usual moments, morning routing, play time and all other stuff. I'm planning to print a book at the end of project with all these images. 

Lifestyle everyday moments. 365 Project

Lifestyle everyday moments. 365 Project

But its not about me, its about you. About your family, about your life.

I love to capture the moments when baby appear in this world, capture everyday moments and routine of your first day with baby, your connection and emotions, everyday things that you are used to with the baby: baby on the big parents bed, baby in the cot, on the changing table, in parents arms, on dad's big shoulder, little fingers in mums hands.

Baby Nazar

Baby Nazar

What do you want to remember about these days, this period, what will be gone and only pictures will remind you about this moments? Details what making a way to your memories: babies name on the wall (or on the door), Teddy bears and other toys around, baby monitor on the shelf, cold cup of tea on the table and dummy nearby, mobile with Winnie the Pooh theme, basket with nappies and all other little things what telling your story. I will capture all world around the baby (your smile, your hair, his little fingers in it, favourite thing to play for your baby - your neckless...)

Baby Luka

Baby Luka

Kids grow up and have own interests, love to spend their time playing soccer, colouring, making sand castles and all other exciting things. What do your family love to do together? What do you want to remember from this year?

Lifestyle session at home: Baking

Lifestyle session at home: Baking

Do you want to have classical portrait of all family together? I will do it at start of our session and then we will go and have fun, do all these things what you and kids love to do, document all these happy moments, emotions, feeling and connections between you in our 1-2 hours time together. I will try to capture these live moments, trying to get individual characters of each member of your family and you all together and you will help me with this. We can do outdoor session if you love to be in the park/ beach or I can come to your place and document all these treasured for you moments what you do around the house (reading books, playing play-dooh, colouring, playing games, maybe even bath or settling and sleeping time, anything what you want to remember).

Knott family in Auckland Domain

Knott family in Auckland Domain

4. I hope I showed you what it means for me to do a lifestyle photography with capturing for you such special events or everyday moments (whats actually unique and special in their own way and never will be repeated again), how important for me the emotions and connection, how I treasure and love each single moment and every person on my sessions, how I want to help to tell your story through the art of photography.

Contact me with any questions!


I would love to have a chat with you!


    Okahu Bay One year birthday family session {Auckland-Hamilton lifestyle photographer}

    What a great pleasure to see how little ones grow up and capture the most important moments of their life.

    I had a special session last weekend at Okahu Bay, Auckland with Lena, Vanya and their gorgeous little one Max. Need to say its our third session together (fourth if counting a baby shower event :) and we became really good friends. Lena's baby shower and maternity session been not a long time ago, then I been doing newborn photo shoot for Max and now see who has become a really big boy and can walk all by himself? Max!

    Here is just couple of shots from our past sessions, such great memories:

    It was really enjoyable moments to document all these stages and now do a lifestyle session for my friends. No any pressure, just follow guys on the playground with making smiles swing, to the beach where Max really loved to watch the waves and play with shells, have a picnic in the park by the beach and also lucky enough to get opportunity to touch an old cars what been nearby.

    What a beautiful day!

    Personal Project 365 | August | Lifestyle Photography Auckland

    Its always surprising to look back at the start of the month and see images what you took FOREVER ago. Yes, thats how its feels, and then you realised it was not a long time ago, just start of the month.

    So much happening: different sessions, events, news,  few commercial projects and kids around, of course :)

    Here are my personal everyday moments in 365 Project. Capturing real life and emotions, remember treasure moments.

    Enjoy it!

    Contact me with any questions!


    Newborn Photographer | Washington DC | Guest in the Blog | LEVIEN & LENS PHOTOGRAPHY

    Im so happy to be in amazing community of photographers ClickinMoms - Women in Photography where I meet a lot of amazing people and friends, who ready to support and help each other, give some good advice and a little critique. Love these girls and atmosphere.

    Meet my new Guest in our Blog - my good friend Gena from Gena Mary Photography

    "Hi! I'm Gena, a Washington DC Newborn Photographer who also specializes in babies, children, maternity and family photography.   I am a blessed mom of four beautiful children (including a set of twins), a 20-year military Veteran and an impassioned photographer.   Newborns are my absolute favorite subject to photograph.  I love everything about brand new babies, especially the feelings of sheer excitement, joy and elation that build during the session and multiply when I sit down to process the images once the session is complete.  I vividly remember the awesome feeling of having my four little-ones photographed in their first few days and relish the opportunity to create the same excitement and anticipation for my clients.  My goal with newborns is to create soft, beautiful, natural images that are custom created for the families I am privileged to work with.

    Please definitely contact Gina if you live in America ;) I highly recommend her for your best ever family, maternity and newborn photographer!

    Cornwall park family lifestyle photos {Auckland-Hamilton photographer } Baby Alexander

    Lifestyle sessions for me always starts from details: house interiors, nursery details - cot, mobile, toys around, shelfs, any items what looks like family loves. Thats all details that gets me feeling of the family, their character, personalities, colour choices and stuff around as well.

    Then its goes to people who live in this space, how they interact with each other, what made them happy, how the talk, touch each other (hug the baby, touch their little feet, hands and head), all this comes into place like puzzle. 

    Then I watch for the light, best place to shoot and compliment the family lifestyle. Its make sense to shoot baby in nursery or on big parents bed because its a place where he spends a lot of time, where mum and dad love to be with him.

    I also love ability to move outside of the house and go to the beach or park. These places are not just pretty surroundings, these places are where mum/dad spend a lot of time walking with baby, give him some fresh air.

    Last weekend I had the opportunity to met amazing family with 8 month old little one - gorgeous baby Alexander, his parents and lucky enough his grandma who been visited family and planning to fly back to Malaysia very soon. I been happy to capture all this family together at so rememberable for them moments, celebrating first year of babies life and show all lifestyle moments, especially treasured ones with his grand mom!

    This family definitely love to have fun. I don't remember when I heard last time so much laughing and giggle sounds. So enjoyable time!
    Thank you guys for inviting me in your lovely place at Ellerslie and having outside time in Cornwall park.

    What a treasured moments!

    Contact me with any questions!


    Milford Beach baby photo session | Auckland Lifestyle Photographer

    What a joy to take a pictures with babies, especially lifestyle pictures when we can hang around the house, show everyday moments of babies life (details of nursery, cot and real love and connection between baby and his parents) and have fun!

    That's what we did with Brad, Anna and 2 month old Luka. What a gorgeous baby boy! He been so good, really fascinated with camera, loved to be in parents hands. He became just a little bit tired when we been finishing session at Milford Beach after some time at their house.

    Love how we all jump on the big parents bed and had a lot different type of shots. This family just amazing, its such a pleasure to be around this positive people.

    Thank you so much for sharing with me your special moments, I been happy to capture these emotions, feelings and fun.

    Luckily weather was great (and I sort out my car questions - 2 flat tires in 12 hours, luckily I fixed it and just delay a session for a one hour. Sometimes this type of things happening, and we just do our best. Thank you parents for patience! Well done to us :))

    Have a look at this pictures and contact me for book your session | have a chat :)

    Contact me with any questions!